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Sniper Vs. Shotgun Marketing

clipped from Atlanta-based firm Matchstic has designed a beautiful PDF illustrating the difference between two types of marketing strategies: a shotgun and sniper. Shotgun marketing they say is a hit or miss situation but can be done quickly. While sniper marketing is rare and takes careful planning and lots of time. It’s clear that they are sniping up some business with this strategy. Via How

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15 quick pitch tips for great presentations

clipped from The pitch isn’t the only thing that will make your business successful; far from it. But it sure does matter when you have an opportunity to get on stage and present. Those opportunities may be few and far between, but you don’t want to blow them. And opportunities to pitch your business should happen all the time – because ultimately we’re always pitching, whether it’s investors, customers, business partners, candidates, spouses, or random people we catch on the street. Pitching and presenting are critical skills for startup owners.

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Uncanny valley

clipped from The uncanny valley hypothesis holds that when robots and other facsimiles of humans look and act almost like actual humans, it causes a response of revulsion among human observers. The “valley” in question is a dip in a proposed graph of the positivity of human reaction as a function of a robot’s lifelikeness. It was introduced by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori in 1970, and has been linked to Ernst Jentsch‘s concept of “the uncanny” identified in a 1906 essay, “On the Psychology of the Uncanny”.[1] Jentsch’s conception is famously elaborated upon by Sigmund Freud in a 1919 essay titled “The Uncanny” (“Das Unheimliche“).[2] A similar problem exists in realistic 3D computer animation, such as with the films Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,[3] The Polar Express,[3] and Beowulf.[4]

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70 more fantastic 404 error page

70 more fantastic 404 error pages –

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35 Powerful Ways to Get Noticed

35 Powerful Ways to Get Noticed August 13, 2008 | Written By Dave Navarro If you want to make more money in business, become an expert, get famous, or many other things – the first thing you have to do is learn how to get noticed. But in today’s increasingly crowded world, getting people to pay attention to you isn’t easy — unless you’ve got a list of proven tactics to fall back on. With that goal in mind, we’ve created the following collection of 35 power ways to get noticed. How to Get Noticed Sponsor a contest. When you can find a larger business that’s running a contest, sponsoring it with your cash, products or services can put you in front of a lot of people throughout the entire promotion. People like to win – and you want to be associated with that powerful emotion. Create your own contest. Don’t let the other people have all the fun – turn the tables and create your own contests. You can use your own offerings as prizes, or seek out sponsors who will spread the word to their audiences about the promotion. Open your mouth. Public speaking is a huge way to get your brand seen – find relevant groups to speak to as often as you can. Teach what you know and position yourself as an expert that other influencers will talk about in the future. Open your ears. Again, turn the tables and invite someone interesting to speak at … Continue reading

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Fancy Thumbnail Hover Effect w/ jQuery

clipped from Recently I was checking out some nice flash galleries and came across an effect that I really liked. I had a sudden urge to duplicate that similar effect but using my bread and butter (CSS and jQuery). I thought I’d share this and maybe some of you can find it useful. View Demo

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10 WordPress Plugins Guaranteed to Save You Time

clipped from In these days of the ever-increasing competitive world of the web, time is as valuable as money. To be noticed, and to stay at the top of the game, content writers must post a lot of content on a regular basis. To keep up with time constraints, WordPress plugin authors provide an array of useful plugins that will drastically reduce the time required to write, format, and post your content. In this article, you’ll find 10 excellent WordPress plugins intended to reduce and simplify tasks associated with blogging so that you can spend more time creating content, and less time with site administration. 1. Post Ideas – take charge and manage your post ideas 2. Tidy Up – Automatically find errors and clean up your HTML 3. Pages+ – Deal with many pages with ease 4. Mass Post Manager – Save time managing old posts 5. Attachment List – Easily spice up attachment icons without coding 6. Survey Gizmo – Dealing with polls can’t be simpler than this

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Google Ads are not worth it

For the last five days I tried an GoogleAd-heavy theme for the blog.  the results? over 1000 impressions and a whopping $0.05 of profit. Conclcusion:  i think ads are really annoying to look at, and unless you’re reallying getting a huge volume of traffic on my site, it’s not worth the few bucks per year that I might gain from it.

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Winston-Salem Article from 1926 –

clipped from The Press: Winston-Salem Monday, Aug. 23, 1926 In the “southern tier” of New York State—the lush butter-and-egg and grape juice counties along the Pennsylvania line—they all know Frank Ernest Gannett. He is the big newspaperman of the region; owns seven dailies, in Rochester, Utica, Elmira, Ithaca, Newburgh. He is a sort of little Munsey in his way, having consolidated various competing organs to make up his string, always keeping an eye open for fresh opportunities. He is thoroughly of New York state; born in Bristol, schooled at Ithaca, where he got his start scrivening for the undergraduate Cornell Sun. But he would have been popular with the New Yorkers no matter where he was born. Smooth-faced, graying a little, just 50, his personality is of the kind that makes trade organs like the Fourth Estate lay it on thick about “integrity,” “ideals,” “sincerity,” “inspiring confidence and loyalty” in explaining his “romantic” career.   more->

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Adding static page to WordPress

clipped from Difference between Page and Post Before explaining the difference, it might be useful to understand what blog means to many people. In common term, a blog is merely a site to store a chronological timeline of entry/article submitted (I like to use article rather than Post, because Post is more verb than noun eg Post entry/article means submit entry/article) and that what make a blog site different from a website. And it is exactly this common definition of blog that the Page feature is underused or even ignored. Support for Internal and External Page Thankfully, WordPress includes support for both external page and internal page. So what is the difference between them ? The external page is actually a Page in a external website that is referenced explicitly using its URL (eg. and is not stored as part of WordPress repository.

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