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WordPress Tinymce text fields (raw HTML and JS code)

Once tinymce is loaded onto the admin page you want to work with, just use the code below to replace a textarea with the tinymce editor. Check out this blog ( ) for info about getting the neccessary code in the head of your page if you are not adding text boxes to the page or post sections of the admin interface. <script type="text/javascript"> /* <![CDATA[ */ jQuery(document).ready( function () { jQuery("#my_plugin_textarea").addClass("mceEditor"); if ( typeof( tinyMCE ) == "object" && typeof( tinyMCE.execCommand ) == "function" ) { tinyMCE.execCommand("mceAddControl", false, "my_plugin_textarea"); } }); /* ]]> */ </script> <textarea name="my_plugin_textarea" id="my_plugin_textarea"></textarea>

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Sweet Typography at Sweetwater

Getting typography right is hard enough, even when you have all of the image editing tools to aid. But as we all know, many times images are blocked on e-mail clients, which makes the task of designing an effective e-postcard with high penetration difficult. Sweetwater has done an nice job mixing an e-mail promotion with a graceful fallback on a recent e-mail promotion. Take a look at the email below with and without images. I especially like the second heading which uses a -2px letter spacing css attribute to achieve a nice kerning. The ad was available here when I posted this.

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Paris court card names

Modern Traditional King of Spades David King of Hearts Charles (possibly Charlemagne, or Charles VII, where Rachel would then be the pseudonym of his mistress, Agnès Sorel) King of Diamonds Julius Caesar King of Clubs Alexander the Great Queen of Spades Pallas Queen of Hearts Judith Queen of Diamonds Rachel (either biblical, historical (see Charles above), or mythical as a corruption of the Celtic Ragnel, relating to Lancelot below) Queen of Clubs Argine (possibly an anagram of regina, which is Latin for queen, or perhaps Argea, wife of Polybus and mother of Argus) Knave of Spades Ogier the Dane/Holger Danske (a knight of Charlemagne) Knave of Hearts La Hire (comrade-in-arms to Joan of Arc, and member of Charles VII‘s court) Knave of Diamonds Hector Knave of Clubs Judas Maccabeus, or Lancelot

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The Forbes 2000 (all in one place)

The Forbes 2000 – all in one place! Note: the table below is sortable, just click on the headings to sort. Click again to sort the other direction Download this as an ms-excel file Check out my other datasets. The list includes the top 1800 U.S. Companies by sales, as well as the top fortune 1000 companies of 2009 , and the Forbes 2000. Rank Company Country Industry Sales ($bil) Profits ($bil) Assets ($bil) Market Vaue ($bil) 1 Citigroup United States Banking 146.56 21.54 1884.32 247.42 2 Bank of America United States Banking 116.57 21.13 1459.74 226.61 3 HSBC Holdings United Kingdom Banking 121.51 16.63 1860.76 202.29 4 General Electric United States Conglomerates 163.39 20.83 697.24 358.98 5 JPMorgan Chase United States Banking 99.3 14.44 1351.52 170.97 6 American Intl Group United States Insurance 113.19 14.01 979.41 174.47 7 ExxonMobil United States Oil & Gas Operations 335.09 39.5 223.95 410.65 8 Royal Dutch Shell Netherlands Oil & Gas Operations 318.85 25.44 232.31 208.25 9 UBS Switzerland Diversified Financials 105.59 9.78 1776.89 116.84 10 ING Group Netherlands Insurance 153.44 9.65 1615.05 93.99 11 BP United Kingdom Oil & Gas Operations 265.91 22.29 217.6 198.14 12 Toyota Motor Japan Consumer Durables 179.02 11.68 243.6 217.69 13 Royal Bank of Scotland United Kingdom Banking 77.41 12.51 1705.35 124.13 14 BNP Paribas France Banking 89.16 9.64 1898.19 97.03 15 Allianz Germany Insurance 125.33 8.81 1380.88 87.22 16 Berkshire Hathaway United States Diversified Financials 98.54 11.02 248.44 163.79 17 Wal-Mart Stores United States Retailing 348.65 … Continue reading

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Finalize your WordPress Site

A todo list for finalizing your WordPress site Set up a Robtos.txt Enable Akismet and enter API key Burn your feed (feedburner) or disable RSS Create a google XML sitemap Add stats to footer Add webmaster tools meta tag Install E-mail shroud plugin Install TinyMCE Custom Config Plugin (add stylesheets and remove h1 tag) Install TinyMCE advanced and set up allow line-break option Install The Future is Now Plugin Install WP Super Cache Make sure that your Privacy Settings allow search engines Install a backup plugin like wp-db-backup To be continued . . .

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Capitalism Site Launches

The second, more official launch of the BB&T Center for Capitalism at Wake Forest University was today We tried launching the site for the first time back in August but there were too many revisions to make. It’s looking much better now.

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wonderful designers

There are a TON of wonderful designers out there to bookmark. Be sure to look into the classically great as well as the contemporary. Here’s a starter list: Paul Rand Stefan Sagmeister Milton Glaser Chip Kidd Michael Bierut Neville Brody Paula Scher Lucille Tenazas Alan Fletcher Wolfgang Weingart Armin Hoffman Eric Spiekerman Josef Muller-Brockman Kyle Cooper Thanks @JamesKurtz!

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Twitter on Facebook Pages

Thought I’d post this here, too: I wanted to share a facebook application I just learned about. It adds a tab to a facebook “page” that shows twitter updates: It was difficult to find, I didn’t realize it was possible. For a long time I thought facebook only allowed you to push your FB updates to twitter, and not vice versa. Hope you find it useful. They have a free and pro version. I’m using free.

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Visitor Distribution for

It looks like the is a bit more popular, especially internationally, than I had anticipated. Here’s a map of the last 500 visitors as of today.

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Google gets crazy with Newton’s Apples

Google is celebrating Newton’s Birthday today with a poppy javasript falling apple. Google recently added javascript to their homepage with the fade in /  fade out of the text around the edges. Google usually adds cool graphics for holiday’s like Issac Newton’s Birthday but they have decided “what the heck,” we are already using javascript on the homepage, let’s add something else. I think it’s kind of delightfully tacky.

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