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Pantech UM175 Driver

Download the Pantech UM 175 Driver for Windows XP (maybe 7 or Vista, too) here: Pantech UM 175 (verizon)

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WordPress gets a new default theme

WordPress is working on a new theme for 2010, called “Twenty Ten” The new theme supports a lot of built in options for customizing the banner, background, and typefaces. Kubrik was a great starting place for a lot of <= 2.8 themes, but with 2.9 and 3.0 coming out, it’s time to embrace the upgrade. Go WordPress team!

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Click Affinity

I’d like to coin the term “click affinity” in the world of web design – if it does not already exist. I just realized this concept when I visited the Wall Steet Journal’s online magazine site and was immediately tempted to click on many of the stories. It was a difficult struggle as I had many other things I needed to be working on (ie: no time to visit that site) but there was still a pull to get into their content. In addition to having good design and usability, the real core piece of being popular online is having good content, which is: Unique / Original Up to date Well-written / Easy to understand I believe having valuable content, content-teasers, graphics, and yes – even ads will increase that content’s “click affinity,” which will ¬†engage users. Try to present good content! Raise the click affinity for the items on your website.

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Custom WordPress Theme for WH?

I’ve been thinking that I need to revamp the site again, maybe do a more custom template. I don’t really do any advertising here, nor do I plan to, so I’m thinking of going with a minimalistic theme that just highlights the content well.

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Art Info / Ideas in Winston-Salem

o The Chronicle of Winston-Salem o Television o Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) o Website or Blog o SECCA E- Newsletter o Acquaintances or Friends o Local Print Publications o The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County Newsletter o Radio possible benefits of membership at secca o Special workshops o Pre/ Post Show Exhibition Receptions o Meet the Artist, Dinner or Cocktail Parties o Artist studio visits, behind-the-scenes private collector and/or museum visits o Discounts to area merchants or restaurants o SECCA organized group travel Art activities: o Art Exhibitions o Theatre o Music o Films o Dance o Lectures o Social Events o Community Days Ways to be solicited for donations: o Direct mail / Brochures o Telephone calls o Face to Face Solicitation o Online giving things to do to increase patron participation Public Art Film Series Music Series Thursday Night Artist Talks Thursday Night Curator Talks International Lecture Series Panels & Symposia Café (Free Wireless Internet) Family Activities Gift Store with SECCA merchandise

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Google Stops Supporting Internet Explorer 6

Dear Google Apps admin, In order to continue to improve our products and deliver more sophisticated features and performance, we are harnessing some of the latest improvements in web browser technology. This includes faster JavaScript processing and new standards like HTML5. As a result, over the course of 2010, we will be phasing out support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 as well as other older browsers that are not supported by their own manufacturers. We plan to begin phasing out support of these older browsers on the Google Docs suite and the Google Sites editor on March 1, 2010. After that point, certain functionality within these applications may have higher latency and may not work correctly in these older browsers. Later in 2010, we will start to phase out support for these browsers for Google Mail and Google Calendar. Google Apps will continue to support Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Firefox 3.0 and above, Google Chrome 4.0 and above, and Safari 3.0 and above. Starting this week, users on these older browsers will see a message in Google Docs and the Google Sites editor explaining this change and asking them to upgrade their browser. We will also alert you again closer to March 1 to remind you of this change. In 2009, the Google Apps team delivered more than 100 improvements to enhance your product experience. We are aiming to beat that in 2010 and continue to deliver the best and most innovative collaboration products for businesses. Thank you for … Continue reading

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