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Mac: Move windows to another space via Shortcut Key

Originally Posted by 1. Using your mouse, click and hold the window you want to move to another Space. 2. While still holding your mouse button down, use your Spaces keyboard shortcut to move to the desired Space. This is usually done by pressing Control and one of the arrow keys. Another method: You can also click and hold an application’s title bar and then press “ctrl + number of space you want it to move to” via

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Fake Sendmail for Mac (linux)

When developing in PHP perhaps you need to set up a sendmail that just outputs things to text. No need to setup delivery via SMTP. Just create an executable ruby script somewhere, for example: /usr/bin/ with following content: $ touch /usr/bin/ # make it executable (will require root priv.) $ chmod +x /usr/bin/ #!/usr/bin/ruby path = “/tmp/fake-mailer” Dir.mkdir(path) if !File.exists?(path)“#{path}/#{}.txt”, “w”) do |f| f.puts ARGV.inspect $stdin.each_line { |line| f.puts line } end Then edit php.ini sendmail_path = /usr/bin/ props to dan for the script Update I changed one line to use a micro-time format because I was having some trouble with a very fast sending script overwriting some of the existing e-mail files. So, here is the new line to insert:“#{path}/#{(“.”,””)+’00000000′)[0..14]}.eml”, “w”) do |f| Do you need fake sendmail for windows? Check out Byron’s fake sendmail for windows.

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WordPress: Custom “favorite_actions”

Here is a function which creates a menu equivalent to the default. Edit it to suit your needs! add_filter(‘favorite_actions’, ‘custom_admin_favs’); function custom_admin_favs($actions) { $actions1 = array( ‘post-new.php’=>array(__(‘New Post’),’edit_posts’) ‘edit.php?post_status=draft’=>array(__(‘Drafts’),’edit_posts’) ‘post-new.php?post_type=page’=>array(__(‘New Page’),’edit_pages’) ‘media-new.php’=>array(__(‘Upload’),’upload_files’) ‘edit-comments.php’=>array(__(‘Comments’),’moderate_comments’) ); return $actions; }

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Hybrid Drives aren’t much faster

According to recent benchmarking hybrid hard drives are not significantly faster than their 7200rpm 8mb cache cousins. Users may see some performance increases, especially on write times, but the hybrid drives are not yet anywhere as fast as the Solid State Drives (SSD).

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Craigslist hi there/howdy/hello e-mail

There appears to be a new SPAM robot attacking craigs list ads. The messages are coming from hotmail. I got two from these addresses: erosat vireyte <[email protected]> eybelo inatsceal <[email protected]> The messages just have the text “howdy” and ‘hi t”h:ere’ It seems like as long as you don’t reply to these messages there is no big threat from on going spam as they only have a temporary e-mail alias from the ad.

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What is a diplomatic cable?

It’s an official record written by embassy staff to the Department of State in Washington D.C. of an interaction between U.S. diplomatic corps and host country counterparts. The information included within the cable is a summary and important details of a meeting between U.S. diplomats and their counterparts. Every embassy writes hundreds and hundreds of cables each day. Here’s an example of one… “So-and-so met with so and so today in the ministry of agriculture and discussed water policy.” via Yahoo Answers Political messages communicated internationally may also be referred to as “cables,” derived from the days when an international telegram was sent via a cable (such as the transatlantic cable). What is a diplomatic cable? (another thought) A diplomatic cable is a diplomatic message. The etymology goes back to the mid-nineteenth century when the first diplomatic messages were sent via telegraph. Telegraphs were connected by telegraph cables and the focus on telegraph as the technical device was very often on laying and managing cables (e.g. the epic attempt to lay trans-Atlantic Cable in 1860s). via E-Diplomacy

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Edit Quicksilver Default Actions

Check out the QuickSilver Fan page on Facebook Note: I’d recommend against doing this. It can be buggy and QS does not support it well. However, let me tell you a useful (related) trick: When you are scrolling through the list of options that popup when you search, you can use control+command+d to set an item as “Default”. You can also do this by right clicking on the item and selecting “set as default”. You may need to press it twice to get it to work. You can then select another item that is already set as default and press the same key combination to remove it from being default. I’m leaving the article below in tact for reference, but again I dont’ recommend it, or at the very minimum I recommend backing up all of your settings files store in ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver Also, if you haven’t checked it out latey, Quicksilver now has a B60 version available, and hopefully a few more versions coming out as well. This has a lot of fixes from the B58 version (which is where quicksilver development stopped at for several years). Check out for downloads, info, a wiki, and plugins. You might have seen how to set a default action in quicksilver from the Lifehacker Article. But how do you edit the default actions manually, or change what they are? For example, I have a folder called “public_html” that I want to link to using the letters “sb” (for SandBox). But Quicksilver … Continue reading

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How to convert UIF to ISO on a mac: You can download via the new project page. “Just drop the file into UIF2ISO for Mac and it will convert it into a standard ISO format. The ISO you can just use with OSX. Open it. Burn it. It’s really that simple.”

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One Weird Old Tip to Lose Belly Fat

So this question is pretty much a scam to get you to sign up for something you don’t need. But I saw one user posted this as the tip: “Just pray before you put anything in your mouth – if it is not worth praying for, don’t eat it. If you feel guilty, it was the wrong choice – STOP – and don’t do it again. Eat to live and not live to eat.” It’s funny but it makes sense. Also, someone has mentioned: “No food tastes as good as how you feel when you’re fit” So exercise and eating healthy are the right options. A similar ad: One Tip For a Tiny Belly

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Del Key on Mac

To get the “del” key (delete key) functionality on a macintosh laptop, simply hold the FN key while pressing “delete.”

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