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Error 406 on Insert Image with WordPress (and/or 404 Not Found)

If you are getting a 406 error when trying to insert an image into a wordpress post, it is probably something to do with mod_security. Mod_security is an apache module that looks for matching patterns / content-types in webpage requests (like the POST needed to insert an image) and will throw a 406 error, or perhaps a 501 error, when it thinks an attack is being made. If you run your own server, then disable mod_security. If you are on a hosted server, ask your hosting company to disable mod_security for your account (many of them will do this, bu they generally have it enabled by default).

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GMMXIE means 2011, in Google Terms. It is derrived from the Roman Numerals M (1000), X (10) I (1). G does not have any meaning in Roman numerals. So, GMMXIE is Google’s way of saying “Happy New Year” for 2011! Additional Roman Numerals: Symbol Value I 1 (one) (unus) V 5 (five) (quinque) X 10 (ten) (decem) L 50 (fifty) (quinquaginta) C 100 (one hundred) (centum) D 500 (five hundred) (quingenti) M 1,000 (one thousand) (mille) (The odd thing is that I read this GMMXLE instead, as the I looks like an L)

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Conclusion: Hackintosh on a Dell XPS 630

After doing quite a bit of research, I think it seems fairly impossible to successfully install Mac OS X on a Dell XPS 630i. The first steps involved removing one of the video cards, and removing ram so that the system only had 4GB installed. Next, I used iBoot and the official Snow Leopard 10.6 install CD. The standard configuration throws errors, so I used the options -v -f -x. The -v flag is what shows you the lines of code (as opposed to the gray screen with the apple on it). After that, I received a “Still waiting for root device” error. This means that the installation can not access the hard disk. The solution to this on most systems is to adjust the AHCI mode, or “If you are using a SATA disk, make sure it is set for IDE legacy mode in the PC BIOS and not ‘enhanced’” – unfortunately the XPS 630 has very limited options in the BIOS, and none of these things are present. Another option to get past that error would be having an IDE hard drive present in the system – however, I don’t believe any of the XPS 630i systems have an IDE connector. Finally, using a custom version of OSX, like OSx86, or a 10.4 or 10.5 version with custom ktext drivers might be able to solve this problem, but A) I couldn’t find a good version, and B) I wanted to run 10.6 and not anything earlier. Please post … Continue reading

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Firefox 4 Artwork

I have to say that the artwork for FF4 is pretty sweet: And a larger version:

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The 17 Hottest Web Development Technologies of 2010

Server-Side Languages PHP Ruby Java Python Node.js Clojure Erlang Perl Databases PostgreSQL MySQL CouchDB MongoDB Riak HBase Redis Cassandra Voldemort

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Most Common Firefox User Agent

The most common fire fox useragent (for mac and windows) are: * Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv:1.9.2b5) Gecko/20091204 Firefox/3.6b5 * Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20091218 Firefox 3.6b5 Change this setting by modifying general.useragent.override in about:config

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Cliff Halliday ([email protected]) & similar craigslist spam

There is a new bot on Craigslist today mass mailing people. If you get any messages, especially from your Craig’s List posting, from a Cliff Halliday with an e-mail address of [email protected], then it’s spam, so delete it :) Here are some other names and e-mail addresses I believe are being used for spam on Craigs List: [email protected] (thanks ktina!) Shannon Popp – [email protected] Chris Bolcato – [email protected] Update (12/30) – There seems to be some new spam regarding Cliff Halliday and something to do with the “CEO” of Craigslist – this is also spam! Hope this helps. Please tell others about your spam message in the comments to help identify these threats / annoyances :)

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Dropbox 1.0 Released!

In short, here are the reasons you should upgrade to the new version of Dropbox: Thousands of bug fixes Huge performance enhancements, including faster syncing and 50% less memory used Better user experience, and a rewritten client based on Cocoa Selective Sync for everyone – not just the beta versions! Extended Attribute Sync – including forked file data! Also check out my article which allows you to always find the latest versions of Dropbox (both RC and Beta)

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Applescript: How to Activate the File Menu

set front_app_path to path to frontmost application as Unicode text delay .2 //short delay, get your hands off the keys you used to activate tell application “System Events” //tell the front application tell application front_app_path //press control+f2 (activate apple menu) key code 120 using {control down} key code 124 //right key code 124 //right key code 125 //down end tell end tell

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Where Linux Mail files are stored on OS X

“1 new message” – a common notification when you start the terminal, especially if you have cron jobs set up and an error occurs. You can use the built-in “mail” function to check and erase messages, or you can manually edit / delete the files located in the directory: /var/mail

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