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PayPal – Can’t Select Credit Card

If you can’t select a credit card when you’re checking out with PayPal, it’s because the amount in your PayPal balance is greater than the amount of the purchase price. PayPal only allows you to select an option to use the existing account balance or to make an instant transfer from a bank account. This is annoying. To remedy this, you need to reduce the amount of money in your PayPal account. You can do this by transferring funds into your bank account.

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How to (ineffectively) contact Google Checkout

I recently completed a feedback survey that Google Checkout sent me after I tried to use their contact form twice. Below is the feedback survey, followed by their e-mail response. Re: [#839702105] I am reporting a problem not mentioned on the contact form Hello, We’d be more than happy to assist you and answer your question. However, to protect your privacy and security, we’re unable to respond to this inquiry because the Google Checkout Merchant ID you’ve provided is not associated with the email address you’ve provided. Your account and payment security is our highest priority. One aspect of our security safeguards is that we don’t release certain account information without a way of identifying the recipient of that information. We ask you to resubmit your request with an email address and Merchant ID associated with the Google Checkout account about which you’re inquiring at A Merchant ID is a unique, numeric code assigned to your business by Google. The Merchant ID must be associated with one of the email addresses stored in your Google Checkout account. Here’s how to find your Google Checkout Merchant ID: Sign in to your Checkout merchant account at Click the ‘Settings’ tab. Click ‘Integration’. Your Merchant Key and ID will appear under ‘Account information’. Sincerely, The Google Checkout Team

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Google Bans Adwords use for Facebook

You can no longer use Google Adwords to advertise things on Facebook. If you have anything that is related to Facebook and want to promote it, you will first need to get it approved by the Adwords team. I learned about this from a friend who has founded a social media marketing company who was trying to do some advertising. He sent me a transcript of the phone conversation he just had with a Google Adwords representative so I could share it here. Caller: Hello, I am calling because I received a promotion to advertise our company on Adwords. Google Adwords Rep: Hello, let me just get your name, email address, and website please. Caller: ____, _____, and _____. Google Adwords Rep: What is it that your company does? Caller: We assist small businesses establish an effective presence on Facebook and Twitter. Google Adwords Rep: Alright well I will actually have to check with my higher up to get this approved because we recently stopped running Adwords for Facebook. Caller: You did? Why? Google Adwords Rep: Yes, well we are currently in a fierce legal battle with Facebook so we have started screening our Adwords. We are turning down adwords that promote Facebook. I will email you within the next two days to let you know whether or not your Adwords campaign is approved. Maybe that fierce legal battle, which they are not discussing the details of, is related to Facebook’s advertisements, or the new Google Plus One service, which looks very … Continue reading

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What is Prezi’s font? Prezi’s default font, and other fonts used

Prezi’s default font is Calluna. Other fonts used are Liberation Serif, Fertigo Pro, and Existence Unicase Light. Calluna comes in 8 fonts: Light, Regular, Regular+Italic, Semibold+Italic,Bold+Italic and Black. The regular is absolutely free. exljbris fonts are available from: MyFonts FontShop Fontspring  exljbris webfonts are available from: Typekit, Fontspring

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Statcounter is Down

The homepage for statcounter seems to be loading just fine, but the login is not working. Perhaps this has to do with their new beta version of the site going live? In any case, it is annoying. Statcounter seems to have been down for about 3 hours now. Statcounter has now posted a message: The site is currently offline and will be back shortly. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. -The StatCounter Team.

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Godfinger Undo

If you’re looking for the undo command for Godfinger, and can’t find it in the menus, unfortunately that’s because it does not exist. There are some things you can un-do, like floods – by using the sun miracle to try up the water. But there is not an actual undo command.

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McDonalds Online ad: Wake This Dude Up

McDonalds has a new interactive online ad, seen often in the early morning hours on This is pretty much the funnies online advertisement ever. Note: You will need to disable ad-blocker to see the interactive version. Static Version Interactive, Video Version

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Stack Overflow is currently offline for maintenance

Stack Overflow is currently offline for maintenance Routine maintenance usually takes less than an hour. If this turns into an extended outage, we will post details on the blog.

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How to set phpMyAdmin to use utf8

In your mf.cnf file: [mysqld] default-character-set = utf8 collation-server = utf8_unicode_ci init-connect=’SET NAMES utf8′ character-set-server = utf8 #try uncommenting these if you have problems #skip-character-set-client-handshake #character_set_client=utf8 #character_set_server=utf8 [mysql] default-character-set=utf8 [client] default-character-set=utf8 And I have this in my file for phpMyAdmin: $cfg[‘DefaultLang’] = ‘en-utf-8’; $cfg[‘DefaultCharset’] = ‘utf_8’; $cfg[‘DefaultConnectionCollation’] = ‘utf8_general_ci’; $cfg[‘Lang’] = ‘en-utf-8′; To verify, run this command: show variables like “%character%”;show variables like “%collation%”; collation_connection latin1_swedish_ci collation_database utf8_unicode_ci collation_server utf8_unicode_ci It does not really matter what the collation_connection shows up as. This has no bearing on how the mysql commands are run. If it is not utf8 that is fine. Tip: Just make sure that your DATABASE’s coalitions are also set to utf8 (utf8_general_ci), in phpMyAdmin – then tables you create inside the database will have that coallation too.

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