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Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter

Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter 2011, Volume 1, July 2011 1. Introduction Welcome to the first volume of the Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter! This month, we are replacing the standard “benchmarking” report in your Google Analytics account with data shared in this newsletter. We are using this newsletter as an experiment to surface more useful or interesting data to Analytics users. Data contained here comes from all websites which have opted-in anonymous data sharing with Google Analytics. Only those website administrators which have enabled this anonymous data sharing will receive this “benchmarking” newsletter. You may be wondering, how many websites are in this “anonymous data sharing” pool? Currently, hundreds of thousands, and we’ve endeavored to make all of the metrics here statistically significant. The date range of comparison for this newsletter is from November 1, 2010 – February 1, 2011. Comparison is done with data from November 1, 2009 – February 1, 2010. Absolute metrics such as total # visits, pageviews, or conversions for all opted-in websites are not reported. To simplify the prose, the phrase “websites” will represent “websites which have opted into anonymous data sharing with Google Analytics” for the rest of this newsletter. 2. Site Metrics Compared to a year ago, websites have seen reduced pages / visit, average time on site, as well as bounce rate. 11/1/09 – 2/1/10 11/1/10 – 2/1/11 Difference Pages/Visit 4.9 4.5 -0.4 Bounce Rate 48.2% 47.0% -1.2% Avg Time on Site 5:49 5:23 -0:26 2.1 Breakdown by Geography Our anonymous database has aggregated … Continue reading

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