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New Godaddy 404 page: Ever feel like you’re in the wrong place?

It’s kind of cool. Better than their old one. New Old

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Xcode Install Assistant can’t be installed on Macintosh HD because Mac OS X version 10.7 or later is required.

Apple has now made Xcode free via the app store – unfortunately since Lion has been released they no longer allow anyone with Snow Leopord to download and install it from the App Store. You can download it from their website for free, but you must be a registered Apple developer – which will set you back $99/yr.

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Cache: Sarah’s Non-Traditional Job Search Experiment

This is a cache of a a webpage ( which was available on 8/26/2011. Hi, I’m Sarah and I need a job. The traditional job search method seems to penalize me because I’m not very traditional. I thought I’d try something different. I’ve been doing front-end web development for more than 10 years. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are my closest friends. I’ve been playing with Node.js, MongoDB and Ruby on my own lately. I’ve done PHP and Java in the past. I’m not entirely picky about technologies (just… no Microsoft please). I’m more concerned with working with good people and learning as much as I can. I’m going to tell you some things about myself that aren’t things you would normally disclose in a job interview, but I’m going with this experimental angle. Don’t worry, there’s good things too. So, here’s some not-necessarily-awesome-stuff about me: I don’t have any friends or family that are remotely interested in computers, so I don’t have anyone to casually “talk shop” with and I tend to stumble when discussing things. I read a wise thing recently: make sure you aren’t the smartest engineer at your job. I’ve failed at that pretty consistently. I’ve always been the one passing knowledge onto others, but rarely have I been the recipient. I’m not an idea person. I’m a get-things-done person. I think Twitter is silly. And here’s some rather-awesome-things about me: I’m smart and I learn really fast. I’m extremely passionate about what I do. I love … Continue reading

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Chrome Extensions Directory

Windows: chrome_root\Application\chrome_version\Extensions\ Example: c:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\6.0.422.0\Extensions\ Mac OS X: /Applications/Google or ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Extensions/ Linux: /opt/google/chrome/extensions/

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Where Is Xcode Installed?

By default Xcode is installed to /Developer/Applications/ How to Uninstall Xcode? sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all Make sure you really want to do this before you remove it! I also got a lot of these errors while uninstalling: * Missing bundle identifier: /Library/Receipts/Office2008_en_core.pkg 2011-08-25 23:10:58.311 pkgutil[21830:903] PackageKit: *** Missing bundle identifier: /Lib

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Hurricane Irene Videos

Space Station Crew Records Hurricane Irene Videos From almost 230 miles above the Earth, cameras on the International Space Station recorded new video of Hurricane Irene, which is strengthening as it takes aim on the southeast Bahamas and, possibly, the East Coast of the United States. Space Station Crew Records Hurricane Irene Videos: TWC Hurricane Irene coverage 1999: Clip 2 TWC’s Exclusive Threat Level for Hurricane Irene   We’ve added an “EXTREME” threat level category from eastern North Carolina to southern New England. According to Hurricane Expert, Dr. Rick Knabb and Sr. Meteorologist, Stu Ostro, “this is a particularly threatening situation and it’s best for people to be on alert.“ Computer models are currently trending toward a forecast solution of rare potency for portions of the Northeast.

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Twitter has a bot to crawl webpages: Twitterbot. I noticed it in the server logs. The user agent is Twitterbot/1.0. The IP address is Why is twitter crawling web pages? Google’s spiders regularly crawl the web to rebuild our index. Crawls are based on many factors such as PageRank, links to a page, and crawling constraints such as the number of parameters in a URL. Any number of factors can affect the crawl frequency of individual sites.

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Quicksilver Screen Capture Location

If you’re trying to change the Quicksilver Screen Capture Location, it can be tricky. By default these are stored on the Desktop. You can change the system defaults (using the tips below), which is what happens when you take a screenshot using cmd+shift+3 / cmd+shift+4. But Quicksilver does not acknowledge these changes / read the preferences. You could just use the standard OS X key bindings for these. cmd+shift+3 for Capture Screen, cmd+shift+4 for Capture Region and cmd+shift+4 followed by space for Capture Window. The one advantage to the Quicksilver commands is that after they run, a new command window appears with the newly generated image selected as the object, ready for you to rename it or move it or do whatever you want. Changing the Screen Capture File Type (jpg/png/pdf/gif) See How To Change The Default Screenshot Location on a Mac When you do the basic Screenshot Command on a Mac the default location for the Screenshot to be saved is your desktop then you have to find them and put them into a Folder. Well not anymore, by using a simple Terminal Command all your Screenshots can be placed into a Folder of your choice. First make a Folder on your Desktop or where ever you want to keep your Screenshot Folder, naming the Folder whatever you would like. Open your Terminal Window. Your Terminal can be found in Applications/Utilities on your Mac or found by going to the top right hand corner of your Screen and doing … Continue reading

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Tweak UI for Mac / OS X

There is in fact a “Tweak UI” for Mac OS X. It’s called Deeper. It’s free. You can download it here: Deeper is a personalization utility for Mac OS X. Deeper allows you to enable and disable the hidden functions of Finder, Dock, Dashboard, Expose, Safari, Login window and many Apple’s applications. Deeper (Tweak UI for Mac / OS X)

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Paraphrase Tool

The Paraphrase Tool – for Mac / OS X If you need to pare down text on mac os x, you might want to try the Summary Service. You can select text from most applications (Safari, Text Edit, etc) and then choose the apple menu, services, and then summary. If the application you are using doesn’t support services, copy the text to a TextEdit document to get a summary. As you can see, you will be able to edit how long you want the summary to be and if you want it in sentences or paragraphs. The accuracy of the summaries has actually been quite impressive in my past experience with this great feature. On Mac OS X this tool can be found at /System/Library/Services/

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