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Inception – The Architecture – Perception of Time / Visualization

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Diff previous versions with Dropbox and Google Chrome

While Dropbox does an excellent job of keeping track of versions of files, it doesn’t make it easy to compare the different versions – until now.¬†DropboxDiff, a Google Chrome extension by¬†Victor Shih, does an amazing job of allowing you to compare versions of files stored on dropbox, with the diff program of your choice. The screenshots on the extension page were a little small, so I decided to post a few of my own below. Get the free extension here.  

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Source Viewer Tab for Firefox 6

Using Firefox 6 and need to view page source in a tab? The Source Viewer Tab extension on the Mozilla Addons page does not work for Firefox 6 currently, but you can download and install the latest version of the addon from github, and that version does work:

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How I think Quicksilver Should Utilize “Recent Items”

So I have a trigger for Quicksilver that is Cmd+shift+Space which brings up a list of my most recent objects and items. This is pretty cool and helpful – set it up in the catalog if you don’t have it already. That’s great because most of the time you will use the same files and folders several times when working on something. But often times I want to compile, collect, and aggregate stuff – and I think this is where Quicksilver has a downside that could really be improved. This is what Quicksilver shows when I look in my downloads folder: What I would like to see is a way to select an item as normal in the first pane, choose the action in the second pane, and when a file is required, have the ability to see / choose the recent items as well as searching in the third pane. It might look something like this: Is that so hard?

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