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ColorPicker Applescript for Mac OS X

Below is a Color Picker / Color Chooser Applescript for Mac OS X. The code originally appeared on but is no longer available there (404) so I’ve posted it here. It gives you a system-based color chooser, and after selecting a color you are able to copy the value to the clipboard as a RGB value or a HEX code. Screenshots and code below. Download the Application: Or get the code and create it yourself: (* Choose Color Chris Biagini updated Aug. 4, 2005 Republished via Invokes the Apple color picker from anywhere, and prepares some useful information about the color you chose. *) property my_color : {0, 32896, 65535} set my_color to choose color default color my_color set red to round (first item of my_color) / 257 set green to round (second item of my_color) / 257 set blue to round (third item of my_color) / 257 set red_web to dec_to_hex(red) set green_web to dec_to_hex(green) set blue_web to dec_to_hex(blue) set red_web to normalize(red_web, 2) set green_web to normalize(green_web, 2) set blue_web to normalize(blue_web, 2) set red to normalize(red, 3) set green to normalize(green, 3) set blue to normalize(blue, 3) set decimal_text to “R: ” & red & ” G: ” & green & ” B: ” & blue set web_text to “#” & red_web & green_web & blue_web set dialog_text to decimal_text & return & “Web: ” & web_text set d to display dialog dialog_text with icon 1 buttons {“Cancel”, “Copy as Decimal”, “Copy for Web”} default … Continue reading

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Google Chrome for Lion

As of the time of this writing google chrome has three releases: v 15: Stable v 16: Beta v 17: Developer Beta is buggy on lion so you should really use the Developer version, which you can download from google here:

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