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WordPress: Sticky vs Announcement

WordPress has a built-in feature for creating a “Sticky” post, which will allow it to sit above all of the other posts in the news stream / blog stream. There is also a little plugin called “WP-Sticky” that will allow you to change a post’s sticky status, or as it is labeled “Post Sticky Status” to be of the following types: Announcement Sticky Normal The difference between “Sticky” and “Announcement” is a minor one: Announcement keeps the post at the top of your blog no matter what. Sticky post status keeps the post at the top of whatever page it is on. To give an example, when a post is set as sticky and it is one of the 10 most recent posts, it will be at the top of the homepage (if your pagination is set to 10 posts per page, as is default). However, when that post becomes 11th – 20th in queue, it will be “sticky” at post #11, or the top of page 2. It is important to note that the WP-Sticky plugin actually won’t affect WordPress’ own “sticky” status. A little confusing but this is good to know.

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iCal 4.0 Help: Making an event or to-do item private

iCal 4.0 Help Making an event or to-do item private If your calendar is administered through a CalDAV server or Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 (for example, through your workplace), you can make an event or to-do item private. Private events and to-do items can

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Multiple People Edit Google Place [Solved]

Why doesn’t Google Places allow access by multiple users? Transcript Today is more of a feature request. Um, it’s a question from the excellent Jonathan Hochman in Connecticut. Jonathan asks: “It’s not good for security when I have to ask clients to share their Google credentials with me so I can help edit their Google Places listings. Why doesn’t Google Places allow access by multiple users, like Google Webmaster Tools does?” Ok, well first off, I’m not responsible for Google Places so the best I can do is say, that’s a good feature request, I’ll pass it on to them. The way to think about these things is that typically there is a spectrum of sophistication, and how far along these things are developed. So, AdWords had the ability to you know, manage things on behalf of your clients relatively early on. Google Webmaster tools has done better about allowing delegation, but it’s still not perfect, but it’s a lot better than it was a little while ago. Google Places is even newer than Google Webmaster Tools, so it’ll probably take some time before they think about, you know, the ability to delegate, the ability to let you manage things on you’re clients behalf. Um, but just to put stuff in perspective, I was reading -Tamar Weinberg had written a letter about-she became an administrator of Fan Page on Facebook. And it looked like it was permanent; it didn’t look like you could change the administrator. So all of this … Continue reading

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Pianobar / Cinema Display Speakers

I just realized that if you’re using Pianobar on Mac OS X and you connect a Cinema Display, the default speakers won’t change to the Cinema Display by default. This is a little bit troublesome – but it is not impossible to fix. You may need to restart Pianobar after making the change as it uses the libao cross platform audio library. In the System Preferences pane there are two tabbed panes under the “Sound” preference – you can set the speakers to the Cinema Display accordingly: You can also change the sound effects and alert sounds to use the Cinema Display:

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How CloudFare asks for Feedback

Congratulations! You’ve completed the setup for Our backend is checking for the DNS name server update to take place. In the interim: Revisit what CloudFlare does for your site Tell us why you joined CloudFlare Follow us on Twitter and Facebook Optional: Install the CloudFlare WordPress Plugin Whitelist our IP set with your hosting provider Review common questions on the CloudFlare help page

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Now Showing: WWDC 2012

Registered Apple Developers can now access over 100 session videos to get an in-depth look at the latest in iOS and OS X. View the videos at

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Input/Output – Google I/O 2012

Google I/O 2012 brings together thousands of developers for three days of deep technical content focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Google Chrome, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more. Brush up on your geometry, dust off your protractor, and architect a machine only you could have dreamt of. Join developers tackling our latest Chrome Experiment for a chance to have your machine featured at Google I/O. The keynote and the sessions for Chrome, Android, Google+ and other select sessions will be streamed live across four channels during the first two days of Google I/O. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back on June 27. Learn the latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs and meet the developers who are turning them into tomorrow’s businesses. Keep yourself and your team innovating at Google I/O, returning to San Francisco’s Moscone Center from June 27th – 29th, 2012.

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mod_auth_openid v0.6 on Ubuntu 12.04 for AuthOpenIDAXRequire

I believe the standard version of mod_auth_openid that comes with Ubuntun 12.04 precise pangolin is v0.5 This library is also known by the name libapache2-mod-auth-openid Make sure you have apxs2 installed: Apache Extension Tools (apxs / apxs2) apache extension tools apt-get install sudo apt-get install apache2-threaded-dev I didn’t have the time to finish editing this post to my liking, so I’m just adding my notes as-are: mod_auth_openid v0.6 on Ubuntu 12.04 with AuthOpenIDAXRequire sudo apt-get install apache2-threaded-dev AuthOpenIDAXRequire schema email×16×32×48×64×80×128×120×240×480×160×320×640 via changeset on openid auth schemas openid auth properties Introduction : The Apache OpenID Module AuthType OpenID require valid-user AuthOpenIDTrusted ^ AuthOpenIDSingleIdP AuthOpenIDAXRequire email [email protected] AuthOpenIDAXUsername email via openid explained myopenid Using Mod_auth_openid With Ubuntu SSO sudo apt-add-repository ppa:rye/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-auth-openid apt-cache policy libapache2-mod-auth-openid libapache2-mod-auth-openid: Installed: 0.6-0ubuntu1 Candidate: 0.6-0ubuntu1 Using Apache2’s mod_auth_openid… sudo apt-get install automake sudo apt-get install autotools-dev sudo apt-get install libtool sudo apt-get install libtidy-dev sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev sudo apt-get install libopkele-dev ./ ./configure make <location “/”> LoadModule authopenid_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ AuthType OpenID require valid-user AuthOpenIDTrusted ^ … Continue reading

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Meeting Tomorrow – (scam)

I recently received the following message from after repeatedly requesting to be removed from their mailing list which I had repeatedly received unsolicited spam e-mails. They are targeting small business owners, asking the business owners to pay them to join their network to have the potential of receiving work from “industry buyers” Message: I’ll be in your area tomorrow Wednesday June, 13th. Can we get together for 20 minutes? I need qualified commercial sub-contractors in my network to service our industry buyers and I’d like to find out what you do and who you work for. Thanks! Wayne Hall Account Manager The Blue Book Building and Construction Network [email protected] cell: (336) 991-7610 I strongly advise you to avoid at all costs.

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Increase Priority for Influential Twitter Users

One of the Rules / Macros on is called “Increase Priority for Influential Twitter Users” The rule does basically what it says: if you have more than 5k followers on twitter you get higher priority support. I wonder how many companies that are using have this rule / filter enabled. Increase Priority for Influential Twitter Users IF ( Twitter User Followers Count greater than 5000 ) THEN Increment Case Priority

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