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Iphone 5: Switch Lock Rotation And Mute

If you’ve used an iPad before you might be font on changing the switch on the side of the device from it’s default of “Mute” to the function of “Lock Rotation” which is pretty nifty: On the iPhone you won’t find the option in the usual place under the Settings -> General menu. Unfortunately the option doesn’t exist at all, as of iOS 6.0.1 The only way to lock and unlock rotation is by double tapping the home button so the list of applications comes up at the bottom, then sliding it to the “right” to expose an area at the left that has quick adjustment for sound and also the “Lock Rotation” option. In order to swap the switch you’ll need to JailBreak your phone and install something like Cydia that will allow you to change things like this. Why Does Apple Prevent You from changing this in the First Place? Most of the time the phone is going to be in portrait mode anyway – think about applications like mail and messaging With the volume buttons you can’t turn the sound all the way off (accidentally) so you need the extra switch to make it go to “mute”

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GoDaddy Chat Support

GoDaddy has wait times for phone support that could be 5 minutes to 30 minutes – sometimes even 45 minutes. A lot of times when I want support I don’t want to listen to hold music. Go Daddy does offer you the chance to press the pound button when you call in so that you can hold without music, but then once per minute you’ll get a recorded message telling you that your call is important. When I talked to their rep he asked me if I e-mailed in my support request that I was checking on, or if I had opened the ticket when chatting. I told him I didn’t realize that they offered chat support (I had looked for it on their website before) – I enjoy using chat support most times. He said he was referring to “chatting” (voice) and not the IM style chat (error in his language) and then said he wasn’t sure if they did offer chat support or not. They are so huge – hopefully they will offer it in the future because I can’t find it on their site.

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What help desk software does GoDaddy use?

I asked them when I called in because whenever I replied to tickets via e-mail it would open a new ticket instead of replying to the existing ticket. The rep didn’t know – which makes me think that their software is probably home grown. It really is help desk / ticketing software as much as it is advertising. The replies have so much text, coupons, ads, etc in them that the updated message portion is very small. He mentioned he would have to look into their “Iris” ticketing system but as far as I know that is not a commercial application.

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Authorize.Net API: billToCountry Format

With the Authorize.Net API if you are setting up a customer payment profile or just setting a billing address you need to make sure the format of the country is set correctly. Here is an example: $paymentProfile->billToCountry = ‘USA’; And another variation: $paymentProfile->billToCountry = ‘United States of America’; (auth net) will allow multiple formats of country names for billToCountry and shipToCountry

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Printable FedEx Door Tag

You want delivery options that fit your busy schedule. When you can’t be available and you’ve missed a FedEx Express package delivery – whether it’s a prescription, business documents or a gift from Grandma – you want simple instructions on how and where to pick up your package or how to request its redelivery. Indirect Signature Required FedEx will obtain a signature in one of three ways: From any person at the delivery address; or From a neighbor, building manager or other person at a neighboring address; or The recipient can sign a FedEx door tag authorizing release of the package without anyone present. Printable / Downloadable FedEx Door Tag Download

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Here’s an example of how to get use getCustomerProfile() with // define your api key and do your include define(‘AUTHORIZENET_API_LOGIN_ID’, ‘xxxxx’); define(‘AUTHORIZENET_TRANSACTION_KEY’, ‘xxxxxxx’); // include the sdk require_once(‘/lib/AuthorizeNet.php’); // now make the request $request = new AuthorizeNetCIM; $response = $request->getCustomerProfile($customerProfileId); You will have a nice XML (or SOAP) response that you can parse and use the data from.

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E00044 – Customer Information Manager is not enabled [solved]

If you are using the CIM API for web services and are ending up with a XML / SOAP response (SimpleXMLElement Object) with the error: E00044 – Customer Information Manager is not enabled If you have a production Authorize account Authorize.Net requires you to agree to the CIM Terms of Service before the API can be enabled. Please perform the following steps below. Log into your Authorize.Net Account Click Account Click “Merchant Profile” Under “Additional Services” click the “sign-up” link where CIM is listed. Agree to the Terms and Services If you have a / sandbox account and you do not have CIM enabled: “Customer Information Manager (CIM) is not available within shared test accounts. If you need to process CIM transactions, please request a new test account at:”

Posted in Security, Tech Tips, Web Development | Tagged , , , | Leave a comment unable to print PDF anymore has upgraded their website with a new plugin that only allows printing directly to your printer. Why? says: USPS security regulations require to prevent anyone from printing postage to a PDF. For this reason, when you attempt to do so one of two things may happen: – You will receive a runtime error followed by the software closing without warning – You will receive error message 80004005 only supports select browsers like Firefox because of this security regulation. Many users were able to print with a system dialog before but now are altered that: To print or preview postage, you are required to install a small plugin. Click the install button and follow the instructions. After installation, you will be able to print postage. Note: During installation, if you are prompted for any settings or inputs, please leave the default values (including destination folder) unchanged, as this can prevent the plugin from working properly. If you do not see the installer window, it may be appearing behind your browser window. Please minimize your browser to see if the installer window is visible.

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Zmodo 420TVL

The Zmodo 420TVL is an outdoor PTZ camera with a 1/4″ Sony Super HAD Color CCD, 22X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom, 420TV Lines, 4-88mm Vari-Focal Zoom Lens (Manual), 60 LEDs, Visible up to 260ft (80m) , and fully Weatherproof. Product Features Image Sensor: 1/4-Inch SONY Super HAD Color CCD Lens: 4-88mm Zoom: 22X Optical Zoom and 10X Digital Zoom Dome Movement: Pan: 0 degree ~ 360 degree (Endless), Tilt: Auto Flip 180 degree IR (Night Vision) Distance: Visible up to 260 (80m)

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Connect to a Shared Folder with VirtualBox and Windows XP

Connecting to a Shared Folder with VirtualBox and Windows XP is easy. In the following example Windows XP (TinyXP) is being used to connect to VirtualBox on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. On your list of VirtualBox machines choose the windows XP machine you want to share a folder with and then click “Settings” Choose the “Shared Folders” tab and then select the path on your host computer that you want to share with the Virtual Machine Select the options “Auto mount” and “Make permanent” if you would like this connection to persist If your Windows XP virtual machine is running you may need to restart it Open “My Computer” and from the “Tools” menu choose “Map Network Drive” When the “Map Network Drive” dialog box opens click on “Browse” Choose “Virtualbox Shared Folders” and then “\VBOXSVR” and then the name of your shared folder – (VBOXSVR is how virtualbox refers your host machine – opposed to Remote Desktop / Terminal services which refers to it as \tsclient / tsclient ) Click OK and now you should have your new drive appearing in “My Computer”

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