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Amazon Coins

Today Amazon has announced Amazon Coins which can be used to purchase games and apps in the online web store. Here is an image of one fo the Amazon Coins: Amazon says that their selection is growing exponentially and has increased by 25% in the last three months.

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Block Coral Cache / Coral CDN

Deny CoralCache from Indexing Your Site CoralCache aka Coral CDN gives users access to a sort of ‘cached’ copy of your website, in case your site were to be offline. You can also set up your site to serve images and assets from the CoralCache CDN url – by appending to your domain name. If you don’t like the idea of a copy of your site floating around out there, you’re not alone. There is a bit of good news about how CoralCDN works, though: It blocks content from being indexed at the cached location. Just try and visit the cached site’s /robots.txt It only caches content that has been requested. It won’t crawl your website and create an entire cache of the site. That is, only when people try to browse your site and append the will the CoralCache server crawl your site and index the requested pages and assets. It does respect expires headers sent with the content Now, how do you block CoralCache from indexing your site? If you have WordPress add this to the very top of your wp-config.php file, right below the opening < ?php tag. It works even if you are using WP SuperCache in PHP mode: if(!empty($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]) && stripos($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’], ‘CoralWebPrx’) !== false)tested { echo ‘No caching allowed for CoralCache / CoralCDN’; echo “<script>window.location = document.location.href.replace(‘’,”)”; die(); } If you do not have WordPress you can do this with your .htaccess file if you are on an Apache web server – add … Continue reading

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Google Product Category Browser

Products are categorized in our search results based on a number of factors. While we can’t guarantee that a product will show in a particular category, you can increase the chances that your products will be included in relevant categories by sending us highly structured information for your items.

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DSpace: No matches for the query (OAI-PMH)

After a recent upgrade to DSpace 3.1 (from 1.7 to 1.8 to 3.x) there was a problem getting the OAI-PMH working. When visting the OAI harvester’s URL there was an error: No matches for the query You can most likely use the default OAI configuration file: [dspace]/config/modules/oai.cfg You will need to run one of these commands to get your index: [dspace]/bin/dspace oai import Or if you want to clear your index out and rebuild it, i.e. erase existing records from the solr oai index (won’t delete your dspace records) then use: [dspace]/bin/dspace oai import -c I checked the /var/log/tomcat6/catalina.out when running this and saw a note that said that I had run out of disk space when doing this. That was one problem. The other problem was that I actually needed to edit my [dspace]/config/modules/oai.cfg file and update my identifier prefix and url. The value for identifier.prefix should probably without the http, and the bitstream.baseUrl should probably be with the http. Don’t put a trailing slash on either one. Also, unless you have a specific reason to change the other settings, leave them the same. They are internal URLs: # Storage: solr | database storage=solr # Base solr index solr.url=http://localhost:8080/solr/oai After updating the settings I restarted tomcat, then re-ran the index with the -c option as mentioned previously, and then the OAI-PMH started working again. For good measure I also deleted the files out of the requests subdirectory of my cache.dir directory (see your oai.cfg file for that … Continue reading

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PHP: Convert Ascii To Hex

When working in PHP there are times when I want to see what a string is in HEX – a lot of times there are invisible characters that or non-printing strings that can throw your program or script for a loop. If you save the string to a text file, you can use a hex editor utility, like hexdump to take a look at the hex codes of the ASCII characters: $ echo abcd > test.txt $ hexdump test.txt 0000000 61 62 63 64 0a 0000005 $ Now for the PHP version: header(‘Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8’); $ascii = ‘abcd’; $hex = unpack(‘H*’,$ascii); // you can print out the hex result of the ascii conversion: print_r($hex); # Array # ( # [1] => 61626364 # ) // or for a nicer display you can add spaces between every two characters // and wrap the column every 6 characters (change to fit your needs) echo wordwrap(implode(‘ ‘, str_split($hex[1], 2)), 6); # 61 62 # 63 64

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What is a Jewelers’ Markup?

Jewelers may markup items depending on their typical client, their volume and velocity of sales, their location, marketing, and many other factors. Below are a few testimonials and quotes which will give you a typical idea of how much Jewelers’ markup their Jewelry / markup on diamonds and other precious stones: The retail markup on jewelry can range from 100% to 300% or even more. Of course, this is a fact that jewelers absolutely don’t want you to know. Jewelry is a product that people don’t buy everyday and jewelry stores only turn their pricey inventory about once a year, so the markup is generally 100 percent. I’ve heard anectdotally (no cite) that 200% markup is not unusual at the higher end stores. As an employee I got a 50% discount on anything I bought at the store. I’ve seen indicate that 300% is not an unusual markup. Your acquaintance who says he bought a $10,000 ring for $1,000 might be on the level. While a 1000% markup is not typical, it’s not unheard-of. High retail prices might encourage people to buy diamonds online – especially if the seller is reputable and has a good return policy.

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How use crontab / cron with Jailkit on Ubuntu 12

Recently I began testing jailkit on Ubuntu 12 and 12.04 and wanted users to have access to cron and crontab I read a lot of the documentation for man cron and have a pretty good understanding of how Vixie Cron works. There is a bit of a conflict with permissions of Cron and Jailkit. Jailkit wants most everything inside the jail (most often /home/jail/) to be owned by root and in the root group, and basically nothing to be writable by the jailed users (except for /home/jail/tmp/ and the users home directories in /home/jail/home/*) Cron, on the other hand, doesn’t want you to edit the crontab files for the users directly. They live in /var/spool/cron/crontabs cron searches its spool area (/var/spool/cron/crontabs) for crontab files (which are named after accounts in /etc/passwd); crontabs found are loaded into memory. Note that crontabs in this directory should not be accessed directly – the crontab command should be used to access and update them. More information is given from man crontab: There is one file for each user’s crontab under the /var/spool/cron/crontabs directory. Users are not allowed to edit the files under that directory directly to ensure that only users allowed by the system to run periodic tasks can add them, and only syntactically correct crontabs will be written there. This is enforced by having the directory writable only by the crontab group and configuring crontab command with the setgid bid set for that specific group. That’s great, but… How do I set up … Continue reading

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Danica Patrick Voicemail (GoDaddy)

Hi there, it’s Danica Patrick calling to thank you for your recent renewal. We appreciate your business and are always here to help. Give us a call if you need advice on using your products or expanding your online presence. Think of GoDaddy like your pit crew: call us anytime at (480) 505-8859. Thanks again. appreciate your business. If you’ve missed any of the previous message it will repeat. If you’d like to opt out of receiving future calls from GoDaddy please call us toll free at (866) 532-8530, and enter the number you want to be removed from our calling list. Download a mp3 of the voicemail.

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You Can Call Me Al / Blue Eyes by Mika

Listen to “You Can Call Me Al” by Simon & Garfunkel and then to “Blue Eyes” by Mika

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