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Setting Up cPanel 11.38

I’ve installed CentOS 6 x64 and am now giving cPanel a try. So far so good! Installation instructions are found here.

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Charg-A-Card – VISTA

Renegade Season1 – Ep1 – Pilot Guess they can’t use VISA credit card logo / or name for the charge card!

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Craigslist: Externally-hosted images (IMG tag) will soon be disallowed in for-sale ads.

Craigslist says: Externally-hosted images (IMG tag) will soon be disallowed in for-sale ads. Please use CL image upload. Advantages of this: Reduces scams Ensures images load for all users Images show up in grid view Disadvantages: Can only use small images Image quality is low

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PayPal: Confirm Address [solved]

PayPal has an abundance of help pages – may which are out of date. While looking for an option to confirm an address I saw several different (outdated) instruction sets that didn’t help me get to the place where I could request a letter be mailed to an address as a means of confirmation. After some searching for “Alternate Address Confirmation” and “Address Confirmation by Mail” I found the following link which helped me actually confirm the address: Good Luck!

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FireFox Start Page Artwork

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“gform_load_form_settings” is deprecated on this page since version 1.7

Recently after upgrading GravityForms I started seeing the message: > Gravity Forms API warning: The jQuery event “gform_load_form_settings” is deprecated on this page since version 1.7 The following are Form Settings related hooks that have been deprecated: gform_properties_settings: You should now use gform_form_settings. gform_advanced_settings: You should now use gform_form_settings. gform_confirmation_settings: You should now use gform_confirmation_ui_settings. gform_load_form_settings JS: This jQuery hook has been deprecated when used on the Form Editor as Form Settings are no longer located there. If you rely on this hook on the Form Editor you should use the gform_load_field_settings jQuery hook instead. When using this hook on the Form Settings page, the hook is still valid. gform_before_update JS: You should now use thegform_pre_form_settings_save hook to handle updates on the new Form Settings page or gform_pre_form_editor_save jQuery hook to handle updates on the Form Editor page. For more deprecated functions check out the dev notes.

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If you log into with your browser, you can also setup the account on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. If this is the first email account on your iPhone, tap Mail. Otherwise, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account. Tap Microsoft Exchange. You don’t need to type anything in the Domain box. Type the information requested in the Email, Username, and Password boxes. You need to type your full email address in the Email and Username boxes (for example, [email protected]). Tap Next on the upper-right corner of the screen. Your mail program will try to find the settings it needs to set up your account. Go to step 8 if your mail program finds your settings. If your iPhone can’t find your settings, you’ll need to manually look up your Exchange ActiveSync Feature name for process that allows connectivity and synchronization between mobile devices and Exchange Servers. server name. If you’re connecting to your Office 365 email, use for your server name. If you are not using Office 365, see Find your ActiveSync server name later in this article. In the Server box, enter your server name, and then tap Next. Choose the type of information you want to synchronize between your account and your device, and then touch Save. By default, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar information are synchronized. If you’re prompted to create a passcode, tap Continue and type a numeric passcode. If you don’t … Continue reading

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Webmaster Tools: New and Improved Navigation

As of July 2013 Google Webmaster tools has a “new and improved” navigation. They alert you when you login. A new and improved navigation! Features are now organized according to the stages of search: crawling, indexing, and serving. The settings have moved to the gear icon in the top right corner. Click the help icon to open the new Search Appearance section and learn what changes you can make on your site to influence how it appears in the search results. One of the main features is “Search Appearance” which has information about the data highlighter, rich snippets, and microformats. More info about those at

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Change WooCommerce Shop Column Count

There is no administrative option to change the column count in WooCommerce, but you can easily accomplish it by adding the following PHP code into your theme’s functions.php file: class ThemeFilters { function __construct() { add_filter(‘loop_shop_columns’,array($this,’loop_shop_columns’)); } function loop_shop_columns($cols) { return 3; } } new ThemeFilters(); In this demonstration the columns are set to 3 but you can change it to 2 columns, 2 columns, or any number of columsn you desire. Change the return value return 3 above to meet you needs.

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