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Donkey excursions in the Andes

What is Donkey excursions in the Andes? The Donkey is a mascot for a mediocre-quality VPN provider who has requested feedback via a web survey. This is a joke in one of their response questions. Anonymous VPN is a service that encrypts your internet connection and makes it anonymous. All applications on your computer that utilize your internet connection will become anonymous.

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Rackspace – Default Disk Partition Option Change

Hello, Starting October 1st, we will set the default Disk Partition option to “Manual” for all Linux base images. Currently, Linux Cloud Servers built using the API and/or the Cloud Control Panel use the “Automatic” Disk Partition option for disk partitioning during the build and resize processes. Adjusting the default option to “Manual” decreases the build times for servers, allowing you to be up and running faster. It is required to format and partition the extra disk space in order to make use of it. (This adjustment does not affect Windows or FreeBSD servers, which already use the Manual option by default and expand the disk using different mechanisms.) You will always be able to select the Disk Partition option that best meets your needs via the API or the Cloud Control Panel. As part of this change, we recommend that update your python-novaclient and any SDKs that you might be using in order to take advantage of all the API options. For additional information about automation, snapshots, and building servers, please see this FAQ article in the Knowledge Center. If you have any questions regarding the new disk configuration options, please contact your support team. Sincerely, Rackspace Phone Support (US): 1.877.934.0407 Phone Support (INTL): 1.210.581.0407 Core Cloud (UK): Freephone: 08000 546 345 or Tel: +44 20 8734 4345 Managed Cloud (UK): Freephone: 08000 546 645 or Tel: +44 20 8734 4445 Live Chat: (select Live Chat) Building Cloud Servers via the Cloud Control Panel: As part of the … Continue reading

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/etc/network/if-up.d/ on CentOS & RedHat EL

On debian machines there is a folder /etc/network/if-up.d/ that will run executable scripts when the network connection goes up. On CentOS and RedHat it works differently – it checks to see if there is a file /sbin/ifup-local and will execute that if it is available. to create it: sudo vi /sbin/ifup-local sudo chmod +x /sbin/ifup-local Debian’s directory structure is cleaner but I don’t think there is an out-of-the-box 1:1 on enterprise linux… yet.

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Marketplace codes may not be attached as a secondary device

I was using some CentOS images from CentOS via the Amazon Marketplace – well when one of them wouldn’t start due to a configuration error I thought I would just stop the instance, detatch the volume, attach it to another instance, mount it, make edits to the configuration, detatch it, reattach it to the original instance, and voila! Well that is how it should work – at least with my experience using Community AMIs provided by Canonical with Ubuntu. The error I got was: Client.OperationNotPermitted: ‘vol-xxxxxxx’ with Marketplace codes may not be attached as a secondary device. However, with CentOS and Enterprise Linux (EL) they provide instances via the marketplace – their site even says: Using the AMI’s directly is currently deprecated. We are working to resolve issues and establish automation as well as monitoring around resources and process that will allow us to re-enable direct AMI instantiation. In the mean time, the AMI’s are listed at the bottom of this document for legacy / reference purposes. After a lot of searching I found this on Quora: My name is Julien Ellie, I’m one of the engineers on the AWS Marketplace team at Amazon. We are aware of this issue and we’re looking into what can be done to address it. In the meantime if you contact customer support, they can help you through this and hopefully get you unblocked. You can reach them at 1-800-407-2983 or you can find the contact us form on the marketplace website at the … Continue reading

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Photoshop Crop Inverse (Natural Movement) Preference

Why did the crop tool change to inversed / “natural” (like apple’s natural scolling) in Photoshop CS6? Cropping used to work by moving the crop frame in the image but is now done by moving the image around the crop frame. How can I get the old behavior back? Well, that is simple. There is a preference in the toolbar after you select the crop tool:

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WordPress Introduces Twenty Thirteen

The new default theme puts focus on your content with a colorful, single-column design made for media-rich blogging. Inspired by modern art, Twenty Thirteen features quirky details, beautiful typography, and bold, high-contrast colors — all with a flexible layout that looks great on any device, big or small.

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