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TiVo Roamio Pro HD – Black Friday Sale 2013

The TiVo Roamio Pro HD, normally priced around $599, is on sale at Amazon for $573.60 with free shipping. This DVR unit is the premier unit from TiVo, including many capabilities and features: Record 6 shows at once (6 tuners) Up to 450 HD / 3000 SD hours recording capacity (3TB) Works with digital cable or Verizon FIOS Built in wireless networking Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, Spotify and more It also works with the TiVo Mini which allows you to watch recorded shows and HDTV in multiple rooms – expanding your primary Tivo.

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little snitch netbiosd

What is netbiosd and why does your Mac keep making connections with netbiosd ? If you’ve installed little snitch you’ll see requests from netbiosd for things like port 137 for netbios-ns: Well, according to the netbiosd manual / man page: netbiosd is responsible for interacting with NetBIOS networks. netbiosd registers and defends one or more NetBIOS name[s], depending on the set of configured services. It also browses and scavenges names from the NetBIOS network, making them available to the system through mDNSResponder. One suggestion is that if you want netbiosd to stop making connections you should turn off file and print sharing via “Sharing” in system preferences

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Hombrew Upgrade PHP54 – make ext/ldap/ldap.lo Error 1

If you are trying to upgrade brew / homebrew’s PHP54 package by josegonzalez – especially if you have / you might be getting an error like this: The actual text of the message is something like: $ brew upgrade Updated Homebrew from 5b3410b6 to 44c284ff. ==> Upgrading 2 outdated packages, with result: php54 5.4.22, php54-mcrypt 5.4.22 ==> Upgrading php54 ==> Downloading Already downloaded: /Library/Caches/Homebrew/php54-5.4.22 Warning: Backing up all known pear.conf and .pearrc files Warning: If you have a pre-existing pear install outside of homebrew-php, or you are using a non-standard pear.conf location, installation may fail. ==> ./configure –prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/php54/5.4.22 –localstatedir=/usr/local/var –sysconfdir=/usr/local/etc/php/5.4 –with-config-file-path=/usr/local/etc/php/5 ==> make rc = ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s(ld->link, binddn, ctx->mech, NULL, NULL, LDAP_SASL_QUIET, _php_sasl_interact, ctx); ^ 11 errors generated. make: *** [ext/ldap/ldap.lo] Error 1 make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs…. READ THIS: If reporting this issue please do so at (not mxcl/homebrew): ==> Upgrading php54-mcrypt Warning: Could not link php54. Unlinking… Why does this happen? In my case it was because I installed oracle instaclient and was using that alongside homebrew. It has library files referenced in /usr/local/include and they don’t play nice when you upgrade PHP / php54 with homebrew. How do I fix it? Open terminal and change to /usr/local/include/ Type in something like ls -al | grep ldap to be presented with something like this: lrwxr-xr-x 1 user group 52B Nov 19 21:37 ldap.h -> /usr/local/instantclient/ Copy and paste that – make sure you write down the path of where that symlink is pointing. … Continue reading

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How To Sign Into Amazon Console With IAM

Users who want to use the AWS Management Console must sign in to your AWS account through the IAM-enabled sign-in page that’s specific to your account. You provide your users with the URL they need to access the sign-in page. You can find the URL for your account on the dashboard of the IAM console. When users use the link you give them, they will see a sign-in page similar to the following page. More info here

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Rejuvalskin Scam

Previously I talked about the Rejuvaskin Scam but recently a similarly named product – “Rejuvalskin” has shown up and people seem to have recurring credit card charges appear. There is a company in Florida who seems to be behind this, but it is odd because they are using a PO Box that is at a UPS Store as their company address.

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Wilton W6 Screw Drivers

Wilton screwdrivers have 6 bits in one handle. They are magnetic and retractable. It’s a great pocket screwdriver. The handle twists to allow you to select your bit and then twist to lock in. This feature is called “Permanent Storage” which means you never lose the bits. It is an excellent Screwdriver. I’ve found them at This tool is also listed as: – [Dwos 63196 Hexdriver W6 Driver Screwdriver (825-29002)]( – Dwos 63194 General Purpose W6 Driver Screwdriver (825-29000) – JET Tools / Walter Meier – 29000 – Dwos 63194 General Purpose W6-driver Screwdriver ( Item# 6078563 ) – [JET Tools / Walter Meier – 29003 – Dwos 63197 Professional W6-driver Screwdriver ( Item# 6078569 )]( – 825-29001 63195 AUTOMOTIVE W6-DRIVER SCREWDRIVER – [825-29003 – 63197 PROFESSIONAL W6-DRIVER SCREWDRIVER]( – [Dwos 63196 Hexdriver W6-Driver Screwdriver]( They were designed by NOVATION:

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1Password 4 – Searching Chrome with Address Bar / Omnibox

Upgrading from Mountain Lion to Mavericks? You’ll be forced to upgrade from 1Password 3 to 1 Password 4 but there are a few things that change. First, there is a “1password Mini” that will run in the menu bar: This has to do with having to have 1Password available for a connection to your browser. Chrome with Address Bar / Omnibox via the 1p shortcut Back in 2011 1Password announced their new omnibox address bar searching for chrome. Apparently because of the new way that Mavericks works with sandboxing apps this is no longer possible (at least at this point). Examining the extension shows that this capability has been completely removed. Hopefully this will be back soon because it was very helpful.

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OS X Enable Journaling – for Mavericks Install

When attempting to install Mavericks you may get the message: This disk is not formatted as Mac OS Extende d (Journaled). Use Disk Utility to enable journaling or reformat the disk. OSX Enable Journaling Open Disk Utility and click the button icon in the toolbar to enable journaling. You don’t have to reformat the drive.

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RightZoom and Cinch on OSX 10.9 Mavericks

Before starting you may want to download the latest version of RigthZoom or Cinch Tip: Best way to upgrade to the latest version is to open the current version, make sure it is not activated, close Right Zoom, find (probably in your applications folder on OS X Mavericks 10.9) and then drag it to the trash. Then empty the trash. Now download / unzip the new version of Right Zoom and move it to the Applications folder. Also note If you want to save a backup copy of the older version, compress it to a zip file first. Applications that are unzipped and residing on your hard drive are often picked up by finder and could possibly confuse System Preferences. Next, to fix RightZoom and Cinch on OSX 10.9 Mavericks you need to open System Preferences and go to Security and Privacy and then choose the Accessibility tab: Make sure the lock icon in the bottom left is unlocked, if not click it and enter your password. If you don’t see listed, find it (probably in your Applications folder) and drag it to the list of apps. Make sure it has a check mark next to it. If you get an error when you change your preferences in RightZoom: The trick is to uncheck “Activate Right Zoom” and then make changes to the preferences. After your preferences have been updated you can then tick the box to “Activate Right Zoom” again on OS X Mavericks.

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Gravity Forms: Prevent Scrolling on Next / Previous Ajax Submits

Step 1: Identify your Form ID Figure out what your form ID is – look in the address bar as you edit your form: Step 2: Add a Filter Edit something like your theme’s functions.php file and add a filter for the form number: add_filter(‘gform_confirmation_anchor_5′,’theme_gform_confirmation_anchor_5′); function theme_gform_confirmation_anchor_5($enabled) { return false; } Step 3: Done Now the code in the gravity forms plugin won’t fire that causes the form to scroll on ajax submits of multi-paged forms. (no need to change this, code for reference only): if($use_anchor !== false) { $scroll_position[‘default’] = is_numeric($use_anchor) ? “jQuery(document).scrollTop(” . intval($use_anchor) . “);” : “jQuery(document).scrollTop(jQuery(‘#gform_wrapper_{$form_id}’).offset().top);”; $scroll_position[‘confirmation’] = is_numeric($use_anchor) ? “jQuery(document).scrollTop(” . intval($use_anchor) . “);” : “jQuery(document).scrollTop(jQuery(‘#gforms_confirmation_message’).offset().top);”; } Step 4: Replace scrolling behavior with something like jQuery Smooth Scroll Use code similar to this to scroll to a certain element after one of the submit buttons has been clicked: <script src=”//”></script> <script> jQuery(document).on(‘click’,’.gform_page_footer input’, function() { jQuery.smoothScroll({ scrollTarget: ‘.gform_wrapper’, offset: -20 }); }); </script>

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