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`require’: cannot load such file — ruby-oci8 (LoadError)

If you are attempting to use the Oracle OCI8 gem with Ruby, and you have correctly followed the installation instructions, but you are getting a message like: `require’: cannot load such file — ruby-oci8 (LoadError) You may want to check your ruby script and make sure that you have this at the top: require ‘oci8’ Because even though the gem is named ruby-oci8 using this: require ‘ruby-oci8′ Will cause the error: `require’: cannot load such file — ruby-oci8 (LoadError)

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The Patrons

The fifteen patrons, as listed in Veils of Destiny: A Threads of Fate Novella Anniah – Patron of Justice. Dominion: First-day. Micka – Patron of Harvest. Dominion: Second-day. Stahl – Patron of War. Dominion: Third-day. Jardin – Patron of Travelers. Dominion: Fourth-day. Suzumu – Patron of Harmony. Dominion: Fifth-day. Rizea – Patron of Revenge. Dominion: Sixth-day. Ehle – Patron of Destiny. Dominion: Seventh-day. Ozvald – Patron of Commerce. Dominion: Eighth-day. Katrien – Patron of Thieves. Dominion: Ninth-day. Arawn – Patron of Chaos. Dominion: Tenth-day. Zalis – Patron of Healing. Dominion: Eleventh-day. Ardin – Patron of Arts. Dominion: Twelfth-day. Dauphinee – Patron of Love. Dominion: Thirteenth-day. Eris – Patron of Magic. Dominion: Fourteenth-day. Cristiana – Patron of Death. Dominion: Fifteenth-day. Maybe “Ardin Patron of Ballet” is related to ardin / (ardon) patron of the arts.

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Time Warner Cable: Our merger with Comcast: What it means for you.

Dear Valued Customer: Recently, Time Warner Cable announced plans to merge with Comcast, forming an industry-leading technology and media company dedicated to delivering great customer experiences.

Above all, this merger will benefit you, our customers. Our two companies have been behind many of the innovative services that you enjoy every day—digital cable TV, high-speed Internet, DVRs, Video On Demand and WiFi in the home and on-the-go—to name just a few. The combined company will innovate faster and deploy even better products and features, including a superior video guide, faster Broadband Internet speeds and even more WiFi access points so you can access the Internet wherever you go.

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USIEC Scam – Fake Award

There is currently a scam going on by a company calling themselves the “US Institute for Excellence in Commerce” in which they email companies such as Marketing Firms and Law Offices and tell them they’ve won an award – and they have the award and press kit and other items available – but these must be “purchased” which is where the scam comes into place – this company is selling fictitious awards. They send a message saying something like: Each year, the US Institute for Excellence in Commerce (USIEC) panel identifies firms that have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields and achieved commercial recognition. Your firm has been one of those selected this year and this award exemplifies that distinguished accomplishment. Here are some examples of the awards they have on their site: Here is a link to one of the “awards” If you have any thoughts about if they are real, check the creation date for their domain name, registered only a few days before January 2014: whois Domain Name:USIEC.ORG Domain ID: D170536983-LROR Creation Date: 2013-12-28T22:42:31Z Updated Date: 2014-02-27T03:46:26Z Were you affected by this too? Leave a comment below.

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