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Build Pianobar from Source on Raspberry Pi Raspbian

After getting the TLS handshake Error from pianobar on Raspberry Pi running Debian Wheezy ( aka Raspbian ) I decided to get the latest version of Pianobar. This requires building from sourcecode if you’re on the Wheezy release. The TLS handshake Error can basically be translated to mean “the version of pianobar you’re using is too old” – this is an error that occurs regularly and the solution is always to update to the latest edge version. Packges for Raspbian / Wheezy aren’t going to get updates fast enough for this to be a good option (i.e. to not interrupt your listening ) so you’ll need to build from source. One of the requirements is basically to have ffmpeg ( it the libraries from it ) installed. Several people will suggest installing ffmpeg from source – which you can do – but if you’re using a “Raspberry Pi model B” and not the latest Raspberry Pi 2.0 – or even if you are – it will take a long time to build ffmpeg from source – maybe 6 hours or more. If you go this route, and you’re doing it via SSH make sure to use something like screen to keep the process from dying if you get disconnected. I didn’t want to install ffmpeg and found a good alternative – install the libraries from the backports. Here’s a script – which is basically my notes from along the way. It is sloppy and has some duplication – created from … Continue reading

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