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USIEC Scam – Fake Award

There is currently a scam going on by a company calling themselves the “US Institute for Excellence in Commerce” in which they email companies such as Marketing Firms and Law Offices and tell them they’ve won an award – and they have the award and press kit and other items available – but these must be “purchased” which is where the scam comes into place – this company is selling fictitious awards. They send a message saying something like: Each year, the US Institute for Excellence in Commerce (USIEC) panel identifies firms that have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields and achieved commercial recognition. Your firm has been one of those selected this year and this award exemplifies that distinguished accomplishment. Here are some examples of the awards they have on their site: Here is a link to one of the “awards” If you have any thoughts about if they are real, check the creation date for their domain name, registered only a few days before January 2014: whois Domain Name:USIEC.ORG Domain ID: D170536983-LROR Creation Date: 2013-12-28T22:42:31Z Updated Date: 2014-02-27T03:46:26Z Were you affected by this too? Leave a comment below.

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TiVo Roamio Pro HD – Black Friday Sale 2013

The TiVo Roamio Pro HD, normally priced around $599, is on sale at Amazon for $573.60 with free shipping. This DVR unit is the premier unit from TiVo, including many capabilities and features: Record 6 shows at once (6 tuners) Up to 450 HD / 3000 SD hours recording capacity (3TB) Works with digital cable or Verizon FIOS Built in wireless networking Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, Spotify and more It also works with the TiVo Mini which allows you to watch recorded shows and HDTV in multiple rooms – expanding your primary Tivo.

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What do you do after Linking your AdWords and Analytics accounts?

Great! You’ve linked your AdWords and Analytics accounts. What’s next It may take up to 24 hours for your AdWords link to begin displaying data. Here’s what else you can do: See Analytics engagement metrics in AdWords Enable new columns in AdWords to display important Analytics metrics–like Bounce Rate and Avg. Visit Duration –right alongside your standard AdWords performance data. This post-click insight gives you another view of the effectiveness of your campaigns and ad groups, which can help you make decisions about budgets, bids, landing pages, and ad copy. Learn more Create a Remarketing list in Analytics Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you follow up with people who have already visited your website, and deliver ad content specifically targeted to the interests they expressed during those previous visits. Take advantage of Analytics data to identify those interests (e.g., which product pages they visited) and build lists focused on those users. Learn more Import Goals and Ecommerce transactions into AdWords You can can easily import your Analytics goals and Ecommerce transactions into AdWords, allowing you to make more informed refinements to your campaigns without ever leaving your AdWords account. If you’re using AdWords Conversion Optimizer to manage your bids, it will automatically start using Analytics goals and Ecommerce transactions once you’ve imported them into AdWords. Learn more

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Google Chrome Dinosaur

With the new version of Google Chrome around version 30.0, your page that shows: Unable to connect to the Internet Will have a cool picture of a dinosaur – a tyrannosaurus rex:

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Adwords: Disable Tablets with full browsers

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns are here and the real reason finally surfaces – Google wants to get rid of the gap between mobile and desktop ads. So much traffic is going mobile, but so many people have opted not to purchase advertising targeted towards mobile devices. There is a lot of debate about whether or not a lot of conversions occur with mobile devices. Don’t be too Quick to Dismiss I wish there was an option to control devices more easily in Search as well. However, I wouldn’t be as quick to dismiss tablets. Most of my clients see equal or greater conversions from tablets now, I use my 7″ Nexus all the time to browse and buy products and the data I see from Analytics suggests that the customers of my clients do as well. (via) What’s The Real Reason For AdWords Enhanced Campaigns? In addition to increasing adoption rates for mobile advertising in AdWords by greatly simplifying campaign creation, management and reporting for mobile search, Google wants to, eliminate the gap between mobile and desktop CPC’s. (via) How To Disable In adwords choose the “Settings” tab and that is where you can make adjustments. At this time you can select the “Mobile devices with full browsers” segment and tell your bid adjustment to go down 100%. However, it appears that this unfortunate and annoying behavior that won’t let you opt out of “Tablets with full browsers” is in fact by design from Google and there seems to be no … Continue reading

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Chipboard vs Cardboard

Cardboard Cardboard is a generic term for a heavy-duty paper of various strengths, ranging from a simple arrangement of a single thick sheet of paper to complex configurations featuring multiple corrugated and un-corrugated layers. Despite widespread use in general English, the term is deprecated in business and industry. Material producers, container manufacturers, packaging engineers, and standards organizations, try to use more specific terminology. There is still no complete and uniform usage. Often the term “cardboard” is avoided because it does not define any particular material. Chipboard Chipboard, more commonly called Paperboard is a thick paper based material. While there is no rigid differentiation between paper and paperboard, paperboard is generally thicker than paper. According to ISO standards, paperboard is a paper with a basis weight above 224 g/m2, but there are exceptions. Paperboard can be single or multi-ply. Paperboard can be easily cut and formed, is lightweight, and because it is strong, is used in packaging. Another end-use would be graphic printing, such as book and magazine covers or postcards. Sometimes it is referred to as cardboard, which is a generic, lay term used to refer to any heavy paper pulp based board. Paperboard is also used in fine arts for creating sculptures.

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Donkey excursions in the Andes

What is Donkey excursions in the Andes? The Donkey is a mascot for a mediocre-quality VPN provider who has requested feedback via a web survey. This is a joke in one of their response questions. Anonymous VPN is a service that encrypts your internet connection and makes it anonymous. All applications on your computer that utilize your internet connection will become anonymous.

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Charg-A-Card – VISTA

Renegade Season1 – Ep1 – Pilot Guess they can’t use VISA credit card logo / or name for the charge card!

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Google Grants URL Policy Change

Dear Google Grantee, We are writing to inform you of a change we are making to our URL policy. Google Grantees may only promote the one website domain name associated with the registered nonprofit that approved for Google Grants. We realize that some nonprofits may have separate domain names for events or fundraisers. However, to maintain the integrity of our program, we now require that Google Grantees only promote the one domain name associated with the nonprofit that was approved for Google Grants. For more on the URL policy, please visit the Help Center article: NEXT STEPS: Google Grantees must remove any extra domain names from their account by July 2013. After a short grace period, we will begin enforcing the new policy. Grantees that continue to promote multiple domain names or a domain name not associated with the registered nonprofit will be subject to removal from the Google Grants program. EXAMPLE: Your organization has the website domain name You are allowed to have ads that direct users to subdomains and subfolders within your website, such as your volunteer page, events page, or programs page: You may not promote an entirely different domain name, such as or For more information on Google Grants guidelines, please visit: To contact the AdWords team, please visit: Sincerely, The Google Grants Team Please note: this email acts as a notification only. Please do not reply. You’ve received this mandatory service announcement email to update … Continue reading

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Upgrade Chat to the new Hangouts experience for free

Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free. Connect with friends across computers, Android and Apple devices. Just like John Davies in the photo below.

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