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The Patrons

The fifteen patrons, as listed in Veils of Destiny: A Threads of Fate Novella Anniah – Patron of Justice. Dominion: First-day. Micka – Patron of Harvest. Dominion: Second-day. Stahl – Patron of War. Dominion: Third-day. Jardin – Patron of Travelers. Dominion: Fourth-day. Suzumu – Patron of Harmony. Dominion: Fifth-day. Rizea – Patron of Revenge. Dominion: Sixth-day. Ehle – Patron of Destiny. Dominion: Seventh-day. Ozvald – Patron of Commerce. Dominion: Eighth-day. Katrien – Patron of Thieves. Dominion: Ninth-day. Arawn – Patron of Chaos. Dominion: Tenth-day. Zalis – Patron of Healing. Dominion: Eleventh-day. Ardin – Patron of Arts. Dominion: Twelfth-day. Dauphinee – Patron of Love. Dominion: Thirteenth-day. Eris – Patron of Magic. Dominion: Fourteenth-day. Cristiana – Patron of Death. Dominion: Fifteenth-day. Maybe “Ardin Patron of Ballet” is related to ardin / (ardon) patron of the arts.

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Anonymous Python

This is an anonymous python – as seen in Google Docs: That’s it – just a snake in a green box. Shows up in Google Docs when viewing a video or other item:

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End Of User Configuration. Here Be Dragons!

Recently noticed that the paths.php file included with Laravel has a nice Dragon in ASCII Art. Check it out:

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Does a Heat Pump Always Have Air Conditioning? [solved]

Wondering if a Heat Pump Always Have Air Conditioning? You’re in the right place. Heat pumps, by definition, include heating and cooling. I have never heard of a heat pump that doesn’t include A/C. If you are looking at a house and AC is not listed, check the MLS listing sheet. The item labeled “Cooling” should specify something like: “Heat Pump / Multi-Zoned” and be similar to the “Heating” category

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USPS: How to Compliment an Employee of the Postal Service

Wondering how contact the United States Postal Service (USPS) to compliment an employee who helped you? Look no further! Today I had a wonderful employee help me and it took me about 10 minutes to find the online contact / complement form for the USPS, so I wanted to save you the time. They do have an online form, and even a section for compliments: So go ahead an send a thank you, kudos, compliment, or praise for a mailman, mailwoman, employee, or other member of the USPS who helped you, here’s the link: CLICK HERE TO COMPLIMENT AN EMPLOYEE

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Spam: College Collaborative Networks

I got the following spam message below for the “College Collaborative Networks” which looks like a really shady scam and attempt at targeting people who sign up with junk mail. The domain referenced in the e-mail is but the one that loads in the browser is actually The unsubscribe e-mail address, which I would not recommend e-mailing, is of the domain I would recommend marking this unsolicited e-mail as spam and deleting it. Leave note below if you received a similar e-mail. Dear University Users, The College Collaborative Networks at is now open for sign up While a social network is for sharing of personal news and events, a college collaborative network is for sharing of resources (including data, knowledge and tools) among its members (faculty, staff, students and alumni). In the simplest case members can collaborate to create a comprehensive repository of resources. As specific needs arise further collaborations among individual members can spin off more collaborative networks. With a free membership you are entitled to share, and contribute, resources in the network, and connect to other networks including various knowledge collaborative networks across campuses. You are also entitled to create your own collaborative networks of any kind so others can join. We look forward to your participation! Sincerely, Jeff Kitson [email protected] College Collaborative Networks We apologize if you recevive multiple copies of this message; to unscubscribe please mailto:[email protected]

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How to do a Random Drawing / pick at random using Excel

Are you running a contest or sweepstakes an need a system to pick random winners out of a pool of names? You could take the old-school approach of writing names on business cards and pulling them out of a fishbowl, or you could use Microsoft Excel. Put the names in an excel sheet. add a column and put =RAND() in it. it will give a random number that is recalculated every time a change is made on the sheet. choose that column and click sort “a-z” (or z-a). it won’t matter because each time you do it will randomize the names. Just pick the top one (or top 10) after sorting it.

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252 Names For Either Boys Or Girls

The following names have been collected around the web as the most complete list of unisex baby names. If you have a name that’s not on the list of unisex baby names, please add it in the comments below (no login required). This list of baby names will work for boys and girls, that is these names are given to both boys and girls, although some are more command and some are less common. Also included are unisex names for babies in Turkey and Japan, but most are common to English speaking countries. Addison Adrian Ainsley Akira Alex Alexis Ali Amari Andy Angel Ari Ariel Armani Ash Ashley Aspen Aubrey Avery Aytaç Bailey Bay Bevan Bilge Blaine Blair Bobbie Bobby Brett Bronwyn Brook Brooke Burçin Caelan Cameron Campbell Camryn Carroll Carson Casey Cassidy Charlie Chiaki Chris Chris/Kris Cihan Clay Corey Dakota Dale Dallas Dana Darby Daryl Dawson Deniz Derya Devin Devon Devyn Dominique Dorian Drew Duygu Dylan Eddie Eden Eli Elliott Ellis Elvan Emerson Emery Emmerson Erin Eser Evren Evrim Finley Frances Francis/Frances Frankie Gabriel Gene/Jean Gillian Glenn Gray Greer Harley Harlow Harper Harumi Hayden Hikaru Hiromi Holland Hunter Indigo Izumi ?lkay Jackie Jaden Jadyn Jaiden Jaidyn Jamie Jamie/Jayme Jan Jayden Jaylen Jaylin Jean Jesse Jessie Jody Joe Jordan Jordyn Journey Jules Julian Jun Juri Justice Kaden Kai Kamari Kamryn Kamuran (of Persian Origin) Kaoru Kasey Katsumi Kayden Kazumi Keelan Keely Kei Keith/Keath Kelly Kelsey Kendall Kennedy Kennedy/Kennedi Kensley Kerry/Carrie Kevin Kieran Kiley Lake Lane Lee/Leigh Leslie/Lesley Logan London Loren … Continue reading

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PlayStation Network (PSN) will be renamed Sony Entertainment Network (SEN)

Sony has just announced upcoming changes to PSN accounts: PlayStation®Network accounts will soon be renamed Sony Entertainment Network accounts. Dear Customer, On February 8, 2012, “PlayStation®Network accounts” will be renamed “Sony Entertainment Network accounts” or “SEN accounts”. This change will take effect at the same time as upcoming PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita* system software updates. After you update the system software on your PS3™ or PS Vita , you will notice that “PlayStation®Network accounts” have been renamed “Sony Entertainment Network accounts”. This change will not affect the naming of “PlayStation®Network accounts” when viewed on a PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. *PlayStation®Vita will launch from 22nd February, 2012.

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A Boy Once Lived Inin A Great Town Know As London ( RTF Icon Text for Mac OS X)

You may have noticed if you closely zoom in to the icon for rich text files on a mac, actually the rtf.icns file located inside the resources folder, you’ll see a picture and a story – some of which is legible. Two possible translations below. A boy once lived in in a great town known as london his life was great that is until he met a girl and then a loner began to find love in most of the ???? in the things that he loved to go angkat. What is it say in a great tow loadonfo his. until he met a ???? in the th so go. angka via A boy once lived in in a great town know an[d] loadonfo his life was great tat is until he met a girl and ther lover began to find love int racist of th[e] -hite in the things that he love to go. arigload . What is it say in a great tow loadonfo his. until he met a began to find -hite in the t to go. arigloa via

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