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Uncaught exception ‘CFCredentials_Exception’ with message ‘No credentials were provided. [solved]

If you’re using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK (Software Developer Kit) version 1.5 “Allegro” for PHP you may have noticed an error like: Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘CFCredentials_Exception’ with message ‘No credentials were provided. The SDK attempts to retrieve Instance Profile credentials from the EC2 Instance Metadata Service, but doing this requires the “default_cache_config” option to be set in the file or constructor. In order to cache the retrieved credentials.’ in #0 amazon-php-sdk/sdk- Stack trace: amazon-php-sdk/sdk- CFRuntime->__construct(Array) #1 amazon-php-sdk/sdk- AmazonEC2->__construct() #2 {main} thrown in amazon-php-sdk/sdk- on line 439 My solution was fairly simple – the PHP SDK download has a file that you can copy to and then add your AWS key and secret key. After doing that you should be good to go.

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Scale On-Demand and Reduce your Backup and File Share Costs with AWS Storage Gateway

Dear Amazon Web Services Customer, Find out more about how you can use the AWS Storage Gateway to reduce the cost of your departmental backup and file share storage by joining our Dec 5, 10am PST webinar. During the webinar, we’ll discuss how you can easily deploy our recently launched Gateway-Cached volumes feature to reliably back up your on-premises data to Amazon S3. We’ll also discuss how you can seamlessly store your corporate file shares on Amazon S3, minimizing the need to scale your storage on-premises, while retaining low-latency access to your frequently accessed files. After the presentation, we will be answering questions from the audience. Register here for the webinar. Time: 10:00-11:00 AM PST Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Sincerely, The AWS Storage Gateway Team

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Outlook – 451 Temporary local problem – please try later [solved]

Recently while using Bluehost with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and trying to send / receive mail, I got an error 451 – “Temporary local problem” Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC6A) : ‘Your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: 451 Temporary local problem – please try later’. The solution to this problem is related to the DNS records in the Bluehost control panel. I had changed the MX records to point to Google Apps and had not changed them bac. To get around this error with Bluehost (and maybe other hosting providers too) make sure that you highest priority MX record (lower numbers are higher priority) points to something like This will also ensure that all e-mail sent to your domain is handled by Bluehost (take note of that in case you’re trying to use that and google apps).

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Jeff Bezos to speak at “AWS re: Invent”

We are excited to announce that Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon has been added to the AWS re: Invent agenda in Las Vegas, November 27-29. Jeff will keynote the conference alongside Andy Jassy, Sr. VP of AWS and Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon. Register today to hear these visionary technology leaders speak at AWS’s inaugural customer and partner conference. In addition to these keynotes, AWS re:Invent will feature 150 sessions delivered by the engineering teams behind the AWS Cloud and customers from around the world such as Netflix, NASA JPL, McGraw Hill, Robert Half International, Thomson Reuters, Nokia Siemens, Intuit, Pinterest, SocialCam, SmugMug, TinyCo, and more.

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icns mime type: image/icns

Here are the mime types for a few popular image format including the ICNS image/icon file. If you’re wondering what you need to set the mime type as, as I was, then I believe you’ll be pleased to learn that the standard mime type should be set as image/icns. If you have thoughts otherwise leave me a comment below. Here’s the table: ##### # Image file formats ##### *.png = image/png *.jpg = image/jpeg *.gif = image/gif *.tif = image/tiff *.bmp = image/bmp *.icns = image/icns

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10 Cloud Backup Services

Barracuda Networks End-to-end protection Druva Amazon S3 zipcloud SOS Online backup SugarSync livedrive mozy dropbox box carbonite

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WordPress: Convert All Tables To Utf8

Are your WordPress MySQL Tables of mixed charsets? The ideal or standard character set is utf-8 as it supports multiple languages and special characters – so people from all over the world can post comments, register, and interact with your blog without having characters from their name, languages, etc converted into weird or strange symbols. I read the WordPress article on Converrting your Tables but wasn’t so sure which direction to go. The article states: In most cases if a collation is not defined MySQL will assume the default collation for the CHARSET which is specified. For UTF8 the default is utf8_general_ci, which is usually the right choice. After a little research I got it working. The following code is from the supplemental code page from that article and I found that the code below (second code block on that page) worked well for WordPress 3.4.1 I would not recommend using the bash script at the bottom of that page because while it converts the tables it doesn’t convert the fields. When connecting from the command line you may need to specify –protocol=TCP if you get an error like ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2) But again, I would not really recommend that script, because while it will run, it will basically only run the following commands: ALTER TABLE wp_commentmeta CHARACTER SET utf8; ALTER TABLE wp_comments CHARACTER SET utf8; ALTER TABLE wp_links CHARACTER SET utf8; ALTER TABLE wp_options CHARACTER SET utf8; ALTER TABLE … Continue reading

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Using Apple Remote Desktop On Mac OSX – Tutorial

Here is a brief tutorial on using Remote Desktop On Mac OS X Now there are sort of two “flavors of Remote Desktop” Remote Desktop Connection for Mac The first is for connecting to a PC / Windows Box from a Mac and it is called “Remote Desktop Connection” and has a file name Remote Desktop All I’m going to say about this one is where to download it, because you probably already know how to use it (and there are a lot of guides out there). Apple Remote Desktop The Second is Called “Apple Remote Desktop” or “Apple Remote Desktop 3.5” and has a file name Remote This is the one we’ll be focusing on. The first step is to download it. The web page is here which is basically a link to the App Store. It costs about $80. After you download / install Using Apple Remote Desktop you will have a Remote Desktop management screen that looks something like this: Next, on the remote computers you want to observe / manage / control you will need to install the Apple Remote Desktop Client (version 3.5.3 linked). After installing the client on the remote machine, make sure to also set the remote desktop / remote management “Sharing” preferences in System Preferences: Now on your management computer you should see the remote computer show up in the Scanner tab of Remote Desktop – at this point you can “add it” so that it will show up in … Continue reading

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How CloudFare asks for Feedback

Congratulations! You’ve completed the setup for Our backend is checking for the DNS name server update to take place. In the interim: Revisit what CloudFlare does for your site Tell us why you joined CloudFlare Follow us on Twitter and Facebook Optional: Install the CloudFlare WordPress Plugin Whitelist our IP set with your hosting provider Review common questions on the CloudFlare help page

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Why not to use 1and1 for hosting

And this is why I don’t think of 1and1 as a serious company for web hosting:

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