Latest Foscam Firmware

Information current as of September 2013.

Note: Before you upgrade, we’d like you to be aware of a few things before your proceed. There are usually two different firmware upgrades for each Foscam camera model. The reason for the existence of two different firmware is hardware related. If you load a newer camera firmware into your camera with older firmware, make sure that the first four numbers of the firmware version are exactly the same. If they are not, you will most likely experience some issues as certain firmware are designed for certain specific camera hardware. For example if your current firmware starts with 11.22, you must make sure that the firmware you are upgrading to also starts with 11.22. In order to determine which is the latest firmware, look at the last two digits – such last two digits should be greater than the last two digits on your current firmware.

FI9821W – Firmware:

FI9820W – Version – Firmware:

FI8910W – Version – Upgrading from 11.22.2.xx

FI8910W – Version – Upgrading from 11.37.2.xx

FI8918W – Version – Upgrading from 11.22.2.xx

FI8918W – Version – Upgrading from 11.37.2.xx

FI8905W – Version – Upgrading from 11.25.2.xx

FI8905W – Version – Upgrading from 11.35.2.xx

FI8904W – Version – Upgrading from 11.25.2.xx

FI8904W – Version – Upgrading from 11.35.2.xx

FI8909W – Version – Upgrading from 11.25.2.xx

FI8909W – Version – Upgrading from 11.35.2.xx

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