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wordpress post.php error 501

I was trying to write an article which had a text string like the following on my blog: /etc /opt /cisco-vpnclient I ran into a error 501 / method not supported error page. After spending quite a lot of time on this, I realized that my hosting provider had either the mod_security or mod_security2 module installed, and that particular string (with no spaces) was triggering a php-injection flag and the post (method) was being rejected. I simply removed that line from the post I wanted, but I have also asked the hosting provider to update their rules. (mod_security rules may be editable via the “SecRuleInheritance Off” flag in .htaccess, or a similar setting, but mod_security2 is not configurable via .htaccess) I suggest you try posting a large block of lorem ipsum with no special characters to your blog if you are having this problem. If that works then the problem is most likely with mod_security. Articles on Mod Security / WordPress ModSecurity, WordPress Admin and “Method Not Implemented” WordPress and mod_security2 issues Other reasons your post may be rejected New post problem in version 3.0 Method Not Implemented POST to /wp-admin/post.php not supported

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