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Instabir: Unexpected token (

Are you using Instabir’s a/b testing and getting the javascript error: Unexpected token ( when your page loads? This is most likely because you are using either of these files: jquery.ab.js jquery-ab-hosted.js Unfortunately the un-minimized versions of Instabir’s a/b testing files will yield an Unexpected token error. You can either switch to using the minimized versions of the jQuery a/b testing plugin or you can fix the start and end of the file: The start of the file needs to be changed from this: // jQuery AB Testing // Website: www.instabir.com function($){ To this: // jQuery AB Testing // Website: www.instabir.com (function($){ Notice the ( before the function keyword. Other (paid) A/B testing tools include GWO, Omniture, Sitespect, and Visual Website Optimizer.

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