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Captcha Advertisements

Looks like AOL has implemented Captcha Product Advertising as part of a spam-prevention initiative. The original captcha was annoying enough – trying to read distorted characters and type them in, usually spending a few attempts before being “rewarded” by whatever action you wanted to achieve in the first place – but these product ads for Captcha seem especially annoying. Ads were one thing when there were on the page and you could ignore them – but forcing your users to interact with them seems a little much. Maybe AOL is just going down hill fast and is trying for any extra revenue they can get – seems to be a little over the line though. Original Captcha example: And with the AOL logo:

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McDonalds Online ad: Wake This Dude Up

McDonalds has a new interactive online ad, seen often in the early morning hours on CNN.com: This is pretty much the funnies online advertisement ever. Note: You will need to disable ad-blocker to see the interactive version. Static Version Interactive, Video Version

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