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Aeron Chair Hardwood vs Carpet Casters

What is the difference between Herman Miller’s Aeron Chairs “Hardwood Casters” and “Carpet Casters” (a.k.a “Deep Carpet” Casters) ? In a nutshell Herman Miller only offers two types of casters: Hardwood and Carpet. There is no third “Deep Carpet” caster available. The Carpet Casters are standard and are meant to be used on all types of carpet Hard floor casters have a softer tread and are designed to help the caster grip a hard floor better. Carpet casters are composed of a hard plastic which rolls easier over carpet making them ideal for carpeted flooring. Because carpet casters do not have the soft tread they will not provide an optimal level of traction/grip needed for hard flooring. Over time, Carpet casters may get embedded with dirt and debris in the hard plastic which can result in marring or scratching of the surface of hardwood floors The Carpet Casters are meant to be used without a chair mat / plastic chair mat However, some people still have trouble with high pile carpets Standard Herman Miller Aeron Casters If you want the Herman Miller Brand, you can purchase Hardwood Floor Casters ($60), Translucent Hardwood Floor Casters ($90), or Standard Carpet Casters ($40) Extra Deep Carpet Casters for Aeron Chairs Aftermarket casters are available. If you need extra large casters for deep carpets, you can purchase Rolland Extra Large Casters ($22), or Miracle’s Extra Large Casters ($60). Both have 5-star reviews. Here are the images: FAQ: Herman Miller responds to questions regarding differences … Continue reading

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