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Google is Down (June 2012)

All of Google Services happen to be running extremely slow today, or are not running at all. It is almost as if Google’s servers are overloaded. Why is this? One possibility is that today is also the date WordPress 3.4 was released. WordPress is the fastest growing CMS platform in the world. It is widely adopted, and in this point release they have switched all of their javascript libraries and resources over to using resources that are google hosted, for example jQuery: http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7/jquery.min.js Other libraries include similar scripts and frameworks such as jQuery UI and the corresponding css. It is notable that google provides both HTTP and HTTPS / SSL versions of these resources. Google also recently released an updated algorithm to enhance search results, and they are also going to be phasing out Google Product Search in favor of a marketplace where they will make commission and rank products higher based on bids (using the Adwords admin interface). Perhaps those things are also slowing down this giant. Do you have another idea about why google is going so slow today? Leave a comment below!

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Google’s Zip Code Lookup

So, I was using one of Google’s sign up forms, and I noticed that it gave me a nice tip – The valid zip codes for my state! Along with some sample zip codes for my country (usa). I opened up the firebug console and checked out the ajax call – it was this: https://www.google.com/adsense/addrform/resources?kind=country&code=US That’s really cool. It returned an XML document with all the state’s valid zipcodes. While it may be unreliable to make this same AJAX call from within your own web application every time, the XML document itself is quite valuable with the zip code validation. Download that XML document here.

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Google Suggest Dissected…

clipped from serversideguy.blogspot.com People have been contributing their two cents to how this works, but I have un-compressed (ie. re-written) Google’s compressed javascript, so that the average web developer should be able to get a detailed understanding of how this works…. My final rewrite is available from my website here. I saw the coolest thing I’ve seen since realizing that Mozilla was embedding a wsdl-enabled SOAP client into this browser… Google Suggest returns suggested results as you type… This is technically amazing on about at least two different levels: How fast this is… I type pretty fast, and it updates with every single keypress… The cool web interface… I used to be pro-server side web updates, and avoiding javascript, but I’m really turning around on this with the impressive interfaces I’ve seen with gmail, and now google suggest (among others…) So everyone is impressed by this… My shock and awe goes further in terms of how nice this interface works:

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