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winrar right click archive “date” option on context menu

WinRAR has always been great. However, I find myself constantly renaming archives after using the right-click “add to archive” context menu item. I find myself prepending the files with the date created. I love streamlining things, so I decided to write WinRAR tech support a message. They prompty replied and informed me about some some things I didn’t realize were available! Basically, you can create “profiles” for the archives you create. Here are the steps RarLabs sent me: press “Add” button to open archiving dialog; enable “Generate archive name by mask” option on “Backup” page of archiving dialog; select an appropriate mask for this option, insert + in the beginning of mask to place it in the beginning of archive name; return to “General” page, press “Profiles…”, select “Save current settings to a new profile”; specify a profile name and set “Add to context menu” option. Also you may set “Immediate execution” option if you do not want to see the archiving dialog every time after selecting this profile. After that you shall see your new profile in context menu. Note: The requires WinRar 3.8 or newer

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