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Mod Rewrite on ASP Server

To create rewrites (mod_rewrite on Apache servers), you will need: Access to your .htaccess (Apache) file or httpd.conf (IIS) file in your root EE directory Mod_rewrite enabled on your server (Apache on Windows or Linux) ISAPI_Rewrite enable on your server (IIS for Windows Only!) If using IIS, you can accomplish this using ISAPI_Rewrite, see this thread. There is also a resume services (Microsoft Permissive License)and instructions for using it in this thread. If using Apache on both Windows and Linux you will need to have mod_rewrite module enabled and active. The code contained in this section was posted on the EE forums, we claim no credit for it and no responsibility for what happens if you choose to use it. Mod_rewrite can be a tricky thing, so if you run into problems, search the forums, and otherwise you’re on your own! :) thanks Expression Engine

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