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jQuery speed in firefox vs chrome

so, everyone knows that Chrome is the fastest browser for running Javascript. But it is almost 4x as fast as FF2 for running jQuery UI elements. WOW!

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Delicious Bookmarklet for Google Chrome

clipped from www.techlifeweb.com Drag this link: Bookmark on Delicious up to your Bookmarks Toolbar similar to how it is shown above.

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Install Greasemonkey for Chrome – A Better Guide

1. Install a recent trunk build of Chromium – There are several new builds every day. Just grab the latest version, download to your preferred folder and extract. Launch chrome.exe with the –enable-user-scripts AND –user-scripts-dir=c:\scripts flags. You can create a shortcut to the new file and just copy/paste “–enable-user-scripts –user-scripts-dir=c:\scripts ” after the shortcut. Should look something like “C:\Program Files\chromium\chrome.exe” –enable-user-scripts –user-scripts-dir=c:\scripts Copy *.user.js files to the c:\scripts directory on your computer – Userscripts.org has all the Greasemonkey extensions out there. Click Install, right click and “Save as…”, edit the file name so it’s not just “26062.user.js” (so you can differentiate them later) and save in the C:\scripts\ folder on your computer (you most likely have to create this folder). Script edits are picked up automatically; just refresh the page to see the changes – and you are done!

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Google Chrome and Greasemonkey

clipped from ajaxian.com Greasemonkey, Chrome Edition Chromium gained an important patch over the weekend, with the introduction of Greasemonkey support. The patch came from none other than Aaron Boodman, creator of the original Firefox add-on, and also a Google employee. For now, it’s just a patch and it’s not yet clear if and when it will be part of the official Chrome release. As GHacks explains: Since there is no way of adding extensions to Chrome yet users have to live with some limitations. Only scripts in c:\scripts are loaded and only if the user adds the parameter –enable-greasemonkey by appending it to the program’s shortcut.

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Reopen closed tabs – Chrome and Firefox

I love the Ctrl+Shift+T function to reopen your accidentally closed tabs in Firefox and Google Chrome. That’s the other thing that Chrome did right – used intuitive shortcut keys based on good industry standards (ie: Mozilla).

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Google Chrome and Plugins

I really wish Google Chrome allowed plugins. Of course Google is probably not too happy about the idea as it might compromise stability of the browser. Plus it would mean they have less control over things – like greasemonkey scripts removing their clickTracking and sponsored ads. But it’s a shame because the browser is so fast (mainly with Javascript), and it’s also pretty good with standards and features (like moving towards css 3 selectors), but mainly it just loads quickly and it doesn’t take up too many memory problems. (I realize that firefox would also load faster if I disabled some of my extensions, but they really just help speed up my workflow.) Oh yeah, and Chrome’s break-away tab thing is pretty cool. I’d love to be able to move tabs between windows in firefox, or break them out more easily. Oh, and finally it’s pretty cool how the browser has some built-in crash-protection / recovery which will keep the OS out of it. @google – Would love to see a (non-hacked) mac version.

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