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Craigslist: Externally-hosted images (IMG tag) will soon be disallowed in for-sale ads.

Craigslist says: Externally-hosted images (IMG tag) will soon be disallowed in for-sale ads. Please use CL image upload. Advantages of this: Reduces scams Ensures images load for all users Images show up in grid view Disadvantages: Can only use small images Image quality is low

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Look, a dragonfly!

From the craigslist ASCII art when flagging a post: ____________________ ( look, a dragonfly! ) ——————– o o o @[email protected] (—-) ( )–( ) o0..0o

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Summer Avery – Craigslist Spam

Just wanted to let you know that Summer Avery also appears to be spamming Craigs list. Here is the message I received today: Hello. i came accross you’re add on Craigslist, i was just wondering if you’d be interested in a way to work at home? With the new year, a lot of people’s resolutions were to get a job… let me know if you’re lookin for a job and you are a serious worker. Don’t reply to this nonsense! These spammers / bots are looking to harvest e-mail addresses or attempt fraudulent transactions. Did you get a similar message? Please, leave a note below :)

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Craigslist hi there/howdy/hello e-mail

There appears to be a new SPAM robot attacking craigs list ads. The messages are coming from hotmail. I got two from these addresses: erosat vireyte <[email protected]> eybelo inatsceal <[email protected]> The messages just have the text “howdy” and ‘hi t”h:ere’ It seems like as long as you don’t reply to these messages there is no big threat from on going spam as they only have a temporary e-mail alias from the ad.

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My Modem is Broken

Below are two posts recently spotted on the Winston-Salem craigslist. I used to hear people calling their computers “modems” back in the early 00’s, but now it’s 2010 and this is too funny. Re: Dell Computer Parts (Anywhere) Back to computer terms class for you!! The computer is NOT a modem. That’s a part located inside of the box!!! What is it with the uneducated calling a computer a cpu, a modem, or a hard drive? These are all parts located inside of the box. They are not interchangeable terms. The correct name for the tower is system unit. Most people just call the box a tower or computer. Correct your post!! via http://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/sys/1534005448.html Dell Computer Parts (Winston Salem) Dell Desktop I got the modem repaired and the business put a dvd reader card in it, and I am tired of fooling with it. Parts that are with it… -Working Monitor -Mouse -Keyboard -Modem (Needs New Driver, and could sell parts inside of it) -Has windows XP on it now Make offer *Cash Offer via http://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/sys/1533947923.html

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