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Quicksilver Crash Reports Location

When Quicksilver crashes it gives some message like: In order to help improve Quicksilver, please consider sending a crash report to the developers. Quicksilver will restart when this window closes. To troubleshoot your problem, see the FAQ or alternatively report your issue on the issue tracker. But when Quicksilver crashes it actually also provides a log of the crash. Per the source code file, QSPaths.h, you can see the path to the crash logs is set to: ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports Below is the other default Quicksilver paths for error reporting, etc.: #define pTriggerSettings QSApplicationSupportSubPath(@”Triggers.plist”, NO) #define pCatalogSettings QSApplicationSupportSubPath(@”Catalog.plist”, NO) #define pCatalogPresetsDebugLocation QSApplicationSupportSubPath(@”Presets.plist”, NO) #define pMnemonicStorage QSApplicationSupportSubPath(@”Mnemonics.plist”, NO) #define pCacheLocation QSApplicationSupportSubPath(@”Caches/”, NO) #define pIndexLocation [@”~/Library/Caches/Quicksilver/Indexes/” stringByStandardizingPath] #define pStateLocation [@”~/Library/Caches/Quicksilver/QuicksilverState.plist” stringByStandardizingPath] #define pCrashReporterFolder [@”~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports” stringByStandardizingPath] #define pShelfLocation QSApplicationSupportSubPath(@”Shelves/”, NO) #define psMainPlugInsLocation QSApplicationSupportSubPath(@”PlugIns/”, NO) #define psMainPlugInsToInstallLocation QSApplicationSupportSubPath(@”PlugIns/Incoming/”, NO) #define kCheckUpdateURL @”http://qs0.qsapp.com/plugins/check.php” #define kDownloadUpdateURL @”http://qs0.qsapp.com/plugins/download.php” #define kPluginInfoURL @”http://qs0.qsapp.com/plugins/info.php” #define kPluginDownloadURL @”http://qs0.qsapp.com/plugins/download.php” #define kForumsURL @”http://groups.google.com/group/blacktree-quicksilver” #define kBugsURL @”https://github.com/quicksilver/Quicksilver/issues” #define kWebSiteURL @”http://qsapp.com/” #define kHelpURL @”http://qsapp.com/wiki/” #define kHelpSearchURL @”http://qsapp.com/w/index.php?title = Special:Search&search=%@&go=Go” // URL to crash reporter server/script #define kCrashReporterURL @”http://qs0.qsapp.com/crashreports/reporter.php” // Wiki page detailing why we collect crash reports #define kCrashReportsWikiURL @”http://qsapp.com/wiki/Crash_Reports”

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Clippings.app / MOAppsClippings.app crashes on Snow Leopard

If you’re using Clippings.app from the App Store version 1.5.1 with Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 you’re likely going to have problems. The app just crashes on Snow Leopard as it can’t render the windows properly. Running the Console.app will confirm this.

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Quicksilver: Fix Crashing on Launch

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