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AWS Newsletter – December 2012

AWS NewsletterDecember 2012 Introducing Amazon RedshiftSign up for an invitation to the limited preview of Amazon Redshift, a fast and powerful, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. Redshift offers you fast query performance when analyzing virtually any size data set using the same SQL-based tools and business intelligence applications you use today. It is certified by Jaspersoft and MicroStrategy, with additional business intelligence tools coming soon.

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Outlook – 451 Temporary local problem – please try later [solved]

Recently while using Bluehost with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and trying to send / receive mail, I got an error 451 – “Temporary local problem” Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC6A) : ‘Your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: 451 Temporary local problem – please try later’. The solution to this problem is related to the DNS records in the Bluehost control panel. I had changed the MX records to point to Google Apps and had not changed them bac. To get around this error with Bluehost (and maybe other hosting providers too) make sure that you highest priority MX record (lower numbers are higher priority) points to something like mail.yourdomain.com This will also ensure that all e-mail sent to your domain is handled by Bluehost (take note of that in case you’re trying to use that and google apps).

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Watch our latest Hulu Original Series: Up to Speed

Join director Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, School of Rock) and tour guide Timothy “Speed” Levitch (The Cruise) for the Hulu Original Series Up to Speed, an offbeat historical travel show chronicling America’s monumentally ignored monuments. Watch Trailer Watch Speed Tour New York

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Too much chirping? We hear you!

Too much chirping? We hear you! This is how to unsubscribe from twitter e-mail updates. When you get an email from twitter look in the footer for something like this: If you’d rather not receive Twitter product or service updates, you can unsubscribe immediately. Please do not reply to this message; it was sent from an unmonitored email address. This message is a service email related to your use of Twitter. For general inquiries or to request support with your Twitter account, please visit us at Twitter Support. If you received this message in error and did not sign up for a Twitter account, click not my account. You can click the link for “unsubscribe immediately”: Twitter will no longer send resurrection email notifications. « Twitter homeChanged by mistake? Edit your notification settings

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Spam: College Collaborative Networks

I got the following spam message below for the “College Collaborative Networks” which looks like a really shady scam and attempt at targeting people who sign up with junk mail. The domain referenced in the e-mail is ccnets.org but the one that loads in the browser is actually weavespace.com. The unsubscribe e-mail address, which I would not recommend e-mailing, is of the domain wikinets.org. I would recommend marking this unsolicited e-mail as spam and deleting it. Leave note below if you received a similar e-mail. Dear University Users, The College Collaborative Networks at http://www.ccnets.org is now open for sign up While a social network is for sharing of personal news and events, a college collaborative network is for sharing of resources (including data, knowledge and tools) among its members (faculty, staff, students and alumni). In the simplest case members can collaborate to create a comprehensive repository of resources. As specific needs arise further collaborations among individual members can spin off more collaborative networks. With a free membership you are entitled to share, and contribute, resources in the network, and connect to other networks including various knowledge collaborative networks across campuses. You are also entitled to create your own collaborative networks of any kind so others can join. We look forward to your participation! Sincerely, Jeff Kitson [email protected] College Collaborative Networks We apologize if you recevive multiple copies of this message; to unscubscribe please mailto:[email protected]

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We’re glad you’re with Yahoo! Mail

Welcome to your new email, where connecting and sharing is fast, safe, and easy. Things you’ll love about Yahoo! Mail Get easy access to all your contacts in one place. Add your friends and family now. Check messages on your phone from anywhere. Keep every message, photo, and video that you want—forever. Things you won’t love about Yahoo Mail Advertisements appended to the bottom of your messages API Connection leaves something to be desired Web interface is not great (check out the “settings” panel – still hasn’t been updated in years)

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Sweet Typography at Sweetwater

Getting typography right is hard enough, even when you have all of the image editing tools to aid. But as we all know, many times images are blocked on e-mail clients, which makes the task of designing an effective e-postcard with high penetration difficult. Sweetwater has done an nice job mixing an e-mail promotion with a graceful fallback on a recent e-mail promotion. Take a look at the email below with and without images. I especially like the second heading which uses a -2px letter spacing css attribute to achieve a nice kerning. The ad was available here when I posted this.

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List of e-mail marketing services

This list is a good start if you’re looking for some email marketing tools. Web based services for e-mail marketing, listservs, newsletters, publications Constant Contact (constantcontact): 60 day trial, up to 100 contacts, no credit card needed http://www.constantcontact.com iContact 60 day trial www.icontact.com Mail Chimp (mailchimp) Free up to 2000 subscribers http://www.mailchimp.com http://www.mailchimp.com/pricing/ BoldCode Free 30 day Trial http://ignitebusiness.boldcode.com/ignitebusiness-pricing Vertical Response 30 day free trial. Used to be free for low quantities. Still free for non-profits w/ low volume. http://www.verticalresponse.com/pricing/ StreamSend 30 day trial with 200 e-mail limit http://www.streamsend.com/features_price.htm My Emma (myemma) Test drive option, but looks difficult to sign up for http://myemma.com/email-marketing-pricing/ Campaign Monitor (campaignmonitor) “Sign up for free” – no notes about free usage http://www.campaignmonitor.com/pricing/ Get Response No free option http://www.getresponse.com/pricing Jango Mail Free 200 emails per month https://www.jangomail.com/pricing.asp Peer 360 No free options, this is an expensive but very high grade commercial service http://www.peer360.com/ SendGrid No free option http://sendgrid.com/pricing.html Amazon SES http://aws.amazon.com/ses/pricing/ RatePoint 30 day trial with 550 contacts *farily new to the market http://www.ratepoint.com/pricing.html Campaigner Free Trial *also farily new to the market http://www.campaigner.com/pricing.aspx Desktop Software E-Campaign (ecampaign) PC Compatible only. Trial available. Retails for $100-$300 http://www.lmhsoft.com/ecamp/ Direct Mail (directmail) Mac only. A very nice program. http://ethreesoftware.com/directmail/ Know of More? Please leave a note in the comments! :)

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google wave is going to be awesome

google wave is going to be awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_UyVmITiYQ

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