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Facebook for Universities

Facebook has recently announced something it’s going to launch, called “Groups for Schools” targeted at the school crowd: Colleges and Universities Today we’re announcing Groups for Schools, which allow people with an active school email address to join groups at their college or university. Groups for Schools will gradually be rolling out to colleges and universities around the world. You can sign up to find out when it will be available at your school. To learn more about how to use Groups at Schools, visit the Help Center. Learn more at the facebook news room.

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Facebook Video Party

Facebook Video Party 12 Participants Moderation Controls HD Video Apparently you can mute the whole room for presentations, kick/ban trolls, and has two extra spots for presenters. I’ve heard the video and sound quality is absolutely unreal, plus you’ll be able to use a bluetooth headset with the iphone to participate via mobile. I’ll try to see if I can get a beta screen shot sometime tomorrow. via https://plus.google.com/115957092291818573863/posts/cAVySAw8icX

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Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Facebook has recently upgraded their pages and now allows you to add a Cover Photo – but what size is the ideal dimensions and what should the correct aspect ratio for the Cover Photos be? Width: 851px Height: 315px 72dpi for internet / 300 for print RGB Color Scheme Cover Photo Dimensions (Width and Height) Just remember that the resolution dimensions of the timeline cover for Facebook is 851×315 pixels (width and height). Download a sample image you can use as a template for your Facebook Cover Photo. Get the Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions Photoshop Template Download a template for the Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions, either as a JPG or a Photoshop File. (Right click and save the JPG, it will be rendered smaller than actual size in the web browser, but after you download it you will see it is the exact specified size for the Facebook Cover Photo) Get the Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions Photoshop Template High resolution background texture from here

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If This Then That and your Privacy

Here is a little chart showing “If This Then That” and your facebook privacy. Guess it needs a lot of items to work, but wow.

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Facebook: Account Temporarily Unavailable

As of this morning it looks like Facebook is experiencing a network wide problem. Facebook is broken. The message it is giving is “Account Temporarily Unavailable” Facebook also says “Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.”

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Google Bans Adwords use for Facebook

You can no longer use Google Adwords to advertise things on Facebook. If you have anything that is related to Facebook and want to promote it, you will first need to get it approved by the Adwords team. I learned about this from a friend who has founded a social media marketing company who was trying to do some advertising. He sent me a transcript of the phone conversation he just had with a Google Adwords representative so I could share it here. Caller: Hello, I am calling because I received a promotion to advertise our company on Adwords. Google Adwords Rep: Hello, let me just get your name, email address, and website please. Caller: ____, _____, and _____. Google Adwords Rep: What is it that your company does? Caller: We assist small businesses establish an effective presence on Facebook and Twitter. Google Adwords Rep: Alright well I will actually have to check with my higher up to get this approved because we recently stopped running Adwords for Facebook. Caller: You did? Why? Google Adwords Rep: Yes, well we are currently in a fierce legal battle with Facebook so we have started screening our Adwords. We are turning down adwords that promote Facebook. I will email you within the next two days to let you know whether or not your Adwords campaign is approved. Maybe that fierce legal battle, which they are not discussing the details of, is related to Facebook’s advertisements, or the new Google Plus One service, which looks very … Continue reading

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Facebook Forced Profile Upgrade

I’ve been trying to avoid upgrading my face book profile. But it seems that Facebook is now forcing users to upgrade. When I signed on I received this message: Coming Soon: Your New Profile In the next few days you’ll be upgraded to the new profile, which offers more ways to show and tell your story. While Facebook continues to introduce new features, many of the features involve creating ways to link people to places, websites, organizations, and, of course, other people. The more links and “relationships” Facebook can create, the more data-mining they can do, and the more targeted advertising they can develop. Did you wonder why they wanted to launch an e-mail service?!

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Twitter on Facebook Pages

Thought I’d post this here, too: I wanted to share a facebook application I just learned about. It adds a tab to a facebook “page” that shows twitter updates: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=53267368995#/apps/application.php?v=wall&id=53267368995 It was difficult to find, I didn’t realize it was possible. For a long time I thought facebook only allowed you to push your FB updates to twitter, and not vice versa. Hope you find it useful. They have a free and pro version. I’m using free.

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