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Mac: Edit Sidebar Items in Finder

Recently I put a CD in my drive but it didn’t show up in my sidebar in the finder. I was confused. I remembered editing the items there before, but couldn’t remember how I did it. I know how to add items to the finder’s sidebar – you find the folder or file you want and drag it in there – you can even rearrange things that way: But that didn’t give me this – which is the window I remembered using to edit Mac OSX’s sidebar items (screenshot from Mac OS X Lion but it is very similar in Snow Leopard): After a little searching and trial and error I remembered that I could do this by using the finder’s menu bar ยป Preferences: Problem solved!

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Set Finder to Search “File Name” instead of “Contents” on Mac OS X Leopard

Here’s my solution to getting the “File Name” box by default when pressing Cmd-F when in a finder window on Mac OS X. This is not perfect, but it’s pretty good. Since it has to call automator / applescrpt there might be a 1 second delay after you press the key. Let me know if anybody has a way to speed that up. So… Note: There is an easier way to do this (than below). Instead of using cmd-f just use cmd-shift-f and it will default to file name instead of contents :) However, if you are really set on having Cmd+f search file names, check out the section below. Part I: Create a Service with Automator Launch Automator and choose “New Service” Click on the record button and when it is recording, choose a finder window, and do something, like change the view prefernces (icons, list, anything really). Then press stop recording. Back in automator you will now have your recording, but at the top you will also have something that says “Service Receives” and change that from “text” to “no input” and then choose “Finder” for the application. If you didn’t do the previous step of recording something where you activated finder, you won’t be able to select finder her. Remove the thing you recorded in the right hand pane, and then choose Applescript from the left side. Paste in this code: on run {input, parameters} tell application “System Events” to tell process “Finder” set frontmost to true … Continue reading

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