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How to build you own slideshow using flash

clipped from www.istockphoto.com Design projects created in Adobe Flash® and output in the SWF file format are a new and emerging medium for stock distribution. iStockphoto needs more Flash content, and creating artwork in the SWF format offers another (far-less-crowded and competitive) outlet in which to sell and distribute your creative wares. Anyone who is engaged in creating digital media – be it photography, vector art, animation, motion graphics, video, or sound – should familiarize themselves with Flash creation and output. Unlike Photoshop or Illustrator, Flash is an umbrella technology that allows the user to include whatever elements they can think of, such as photographic images, vector artwork, movies, sounds, and interactive scripting. I see a few different types of Flash content on iStockphoto that fall into distinct categories: image slide shows, vector animation, menu systems, and customizable content that can be data driven by XML. Full article here

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