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Godfinger Undo

If you’re looking for the undo command for Godfinger, and can’t find it in the menus, unfortunately that’s because it does not exist. There are some things you can un-do, like floods – by using the sun miracle to try up the water. But there is not an actual undo command.

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The Three Ways to Get Gems in Restaurant Story

Food Prices, Time, and XP Use this information to choose which foods you will serve. Perhaps you are going for money, or perhaps experience points to level up. No matter, this chart will show you the value of the food items you can prepare with the stove, and then calculations about how much of each thing you can accumulate per hour (ideally). Products Some products include: Omelettes Fruit Salad Bacon & Eggs Grilled Cheese French Toast Spaghetti Clam Chowder Macaroni & Cheese Waffles Chocolate Fondue Burritos Boiled Lobster Stew Seafood Pasta

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“Restaurant Story is an online game and requires internet access, but I wasn’t able to connect”

“Restaurant Story is an online game and requires internet access, but I wasn’t able to connect. Please double check your connection and I’ll try again” Restaurant Story is one of the top-featured games on iTunes, and it has been recieving a lot of new users recently. Because of this, especially in the evenings, their servers have began to become overloaded – especially for high ranking users. If you are receiving this error, it is possible that it is because of your internet connection. If you are receiving this error over and over again, it is most likely because the Restaurant Story server is overloaded. Fixes and Solutions If you are using this game on a device with 3G, make sure you have Cell Phone reception, especially the data type, like 3G, 4G, or CDMA. If you are using this game witha  WiFi connection, make sure that you are actually connected and have adequate signal strength. If both of those things are true, then the Restaurant Story server is probably overloaded. Try at a different time of day to confirm. Update: The other fix for this may be that you need to restart your device.

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