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OS X Mountain Lion hangs during Logon [solved]

OS X Mountain Lion has a known issue regarding hang during logon. This more commonly occurs after the computer has been sleeping, standby, or locked. There are a lot of issues that could cause this, and some people have tracked it down to different causes. However, for me, I got this error / problem message after upgrading from Snow Leopard. What I realized was that if the WiFi connection is off, the system will hang. If the WiFi / Airport is on, then everything is OK. After doing some research it appears to be related to the Bonjour service. The solution for me was to make sure I have WiFi / Airport turned on before putting the computer to sleep, locking it, etc, so that it doesn’t hang on the login screen after it wakes up.

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Mac OS X: Minimize Hangs or Freezes

If you’re using Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard of Lion, your Mac OS may hang when you to to minimize a window, be it from the yellow circle icon in the titlebar, the window menu, or the command+m key combination. After searching for many tips and trying to close running programs (like the ones near the clock), I realized that I needed to adjust the Dock Preferences to allow minimizing to function correctly: The main keys for me were changing from Genie to Scale effect, and then back to Genie, and unchecking the box that said “minimize into application icon” Hopefully this will help you. Leave a comment if it works.

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