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Laravel ICNS

Download the Laravel Logo in ICNS format Here is a preview: Download the icns file here

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Trello Icon – PNG & ICNS

In 2011 Max Masnick posted an icon for Trello, and shortly thereafter @innovati provided an updated icon and a photoshop template. I’ve taken a stab at the Trello Icon based on @innovati’s work and below is the result. Just like Max, I was interested in using Trello as a Fluid App on Mac OS X and needed a nice ICNS for the Application. The file can be downloaded as an ICNS as well. The second file can be downloaded as an ICNS as well. Thanks to Max and his post for the sources I needed to create this.

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A Boy Once Lived Inin A Great Town Know As London ( RTF Icon Text for Mac OS X)

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