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How to insert a photo from Media Gallery into WordPress

Problem: I am trying to make a post. I have a loaded in our Media Gallery but when I go to the post and try to put in the post I can’t get to it. Solution: try clicking on the left hand column that says gallery / all images Visual Example: Steps: Click Add Media Choose Insert Media Choose Media Library Click on the photo, image, picture you want to insert Click “Insert Into Post”

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What is the SIPS equivalent in Linux / Unix?

If you’re used to the OSX sips utility to convert and resize images, you might be surprised when you are on a linux box and realize that utility is not available. According to the OS X man page, SIPS is: sips — scriptable image processing system. On unix and linux there are some great alternatives, but the one I like to use is imagemagick ( http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php ) According to their site: Use ImageMagick to convert, edit, or compose bitmap images in a variety of formats. In addition, resize, rotate, shear, distort or transform images automagically. How to Geek has a good blog post showing how to use the convert utility to change image sizes easily: The syntax is something like this: convert example.png -resize 200×100 example.png

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