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Control Pandora With The Keyboard on Your Mac

Play Key to Control Pandora on Macbook (& iMac?) I was able to get my play and skip keys to work for Pandora instead of iTunes on my Macbook Pro by using the “Key Remap 4 Macbook” utility in combination with PandoraJam.   Step 1: Download and Install PandoraJam – I’m using the demo version and it works fine for this. Step 2: Launch PandoraJam, edit the preferences. Click on the keyboard tab and set a few keyboard shortcuts. For this demo I’m setting Play to be Cmd+Shift+F8, Skip to be Cmd+Shift+F9, and Thumbs Down to be Cmd+Shift+F7. Step 3: Download and install Key Remap 4 Macbook. This is overall a pretty cool utility and I like how you could even set it up to remap keys even for specific applications. We’re not doing anything that complicated though. Below you will see how I’ve set up the Media keys to do what I want them to. This is the part that was a little difficult to figure out – the WCZ remap function is something I added in. See Step 4. Step 4: What we’re going to do next is to remap the next, previous, and play keys to their Cmd+Shift counterparts so they will control PandoraJam as we’ve set up. Click over to the Misc & Uninstall tab and then choose “open private.xml” It will have a default, blank private.xml that you will be able to edit. Add in the following code: <?xml version=”1.0″?> <root> <list> <item> <name>WCZ Change Media Keys … Continue reading

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Vim Keyboard Messed Up

Is your Keyboard Messed Up when using Vim? Do the arrow keys do funky things? Do you get strange characters on your screen? If so, to fix this you need to set VIM into nocompatible mode. To do this, when using vim, type the colin key to get the menu at the bottom, and then type set nocompatible This should fix it! :) :set nocompatible

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In Snow Leopard the Play / Pause media button (on the F8 key) opens up iTunes. How can I disable that? Preferably keeping the old Leopard behaviour, so I can use it to control other media applications (e.g. Spotify). Some French mac user did a great job to make a patch for this bug. It patches rcd, which is updated every mac version (so keep the patch up to date with this topic [1]). You can download the file here: MMFix.dmg.zip

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Textmate: Select Balanced HTML Tag

If you’re trying to select the balanced HTML tag or Enclosing Tag in Textmate there is an article here that talks about it. http://subtlegradient.com/articles/2007/11/15/select-balanced-html-tag.html Unfortunately the article does not give a link to download. Try this out instead:   https://github.com/subtleGradient/SelectStuff.tmbundle How to install your new textmate bundle? Basically just extract the file you download and then go into each of the folder and double click on the tmbundle files. http://manual.macromates.com/en/bundles Also check out the HTML5 bundle: https://github.com/subtleGradient/HTML5.tmbundle

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Del Key on Mac

To get the “del” key (delete key) functionality on a macintosh laptop, simply hold the FN key while pressing “delete.”

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