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AWS Marketplace Launch Creates Jump in Amazon.com Stock Price

Amazon EC2 Market launches and the stock prices increases at market open. As all of these new services come in to place they require using Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud and related services, so I believe it is not a bad idea to invest in Amazon.

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Quicksilver: Fix Crashing on Launch

I love quicksilver. But it is hard to start. That is to say, that when I try and start it, I usually have to click the icon or launch it several times before it starts running. I can look in the error logs and see that “Thread 6” is usually what is crashing. I am using the latest version B58 (3841) but this still happens. So, to solve this, I wrote a little application that will try and launch Quicksilver a bunch of times until it actually starts. It will only try and launch quicksilver if it is not already running. The core of the application is a shell script, which I have included the code for below. You can also download it as an application: qs.app I stick this in my Applications folder and then use spotlight to launch it whenever Quicksilver crashes or is not running. I also run this script on startup so that quicksilver is always running when my computer starts up. Hopefully it will serve you well. BTW – I probably could have done a “for” loop in the code below, but it was just easier to copy and paste. Feel free to submit your more concise version in the comments below. #!/bin/sh ps -u $USER | grep [Q]uicksilver\.app >/dev/null || echo `echo opening; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app` sleep .3 ps -u $USER | grep [Q]uicksilver\.app >/dev/null || echo `echo opening; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app` sleep .3 ps -u $USER | … Continue reading

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