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Remote Desktop to Raspberry Pi from OS X w/ ssh XForwarding

Can you already ssh into your raspberry pi? In short, you will need to make sure you have a public key in the /home/pi/.ssh/authorized_keys directory. The directory should be chmod 700 and the file chmod 600. Good. If not see the notes below. You can then SSH to the box with something like: ssh [email protected] -i /path/to/private.key -X The -i option will specify your private key and -X will turn on X Forwarding. Once you’ve logged in you should be able to run lxsession to start the Lightweight Desktop (LXDE): If you can’t already SSH into your pi, fusionstrike has some notes on how to set that up. One more note: don’t try and do this as the root user. You may get some errors about A window manager is already running on screen – do it as the pi user as I mentioned above.

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