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Disable Top-Bar in Gmail (Nav Bar)

Google has a navigation bar, it includes items like Gmail Calendar Documents Photos Reader Web More and a few months ago they added it to G-mail. I don’t use it because I have gmail running as an Application Shortcut / Fluid Instance, and so it has it’s own, dedicated window, and the Google Bar at the top just takes up space. Why would I need to access Calendar Documents Photos Reader Web More when I’m in this mode? So, there is no option to disable it (that I have found) so I’ve written a custom user script. When using Fluid on Mac you can simply use the script icon on the meun bar and add a custom script. On a PC, or with Chrome you will add a new extension. With Firefox you can use Grease Monkey. So, without further delay, here is the script that I’m using: // ==UserScript== // @name Remove Nav Bar in G-Mail // @namespace https://techblog.willshouse.com // @description Removes Google Nav Bar (Documens, Etc) at the top of G-mail // @include gmail.com // @author Will // ==/UserScript== (function () { if (window.fluid) { function myRemoveIframe(){ try{ var d = document.getElementById(“canvas_frame”); d.contentWindow.document.getElementById(“gb”).style.display = ‘none’; }catch(e){ setTimeout(function(){ myRemoveIframe(); },500); } } myRemoveIframe(); } })();

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