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Instagram Updates Privacy Policy

Hello, Our community has grown by many millions of people since we wrote our original Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. As we announced in December, we have updated our  Terms of Service and  Privacy Policy. These policies also now take into account the  feedback we receivedfrom the Instagram Community. We’re emailing you to remind you that, as we announced last month, these updated policies will be in effect as of January 19th, 2013. You can read our  blog post that highlights some of the key updates. And remember, these updates don’t change the fact that you own your photos that you post on Instagram, and our privacy controls work just as they did before. Thank you, The Instagram Team

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Google Docs: Share Outside My Organization (solved)

If you’re facing the problem with Google Docs where the “Users can share documents outside this domain” option doesn’t work, or the following issues, see the solution below on how to fix this. These are the problems reported by others about Share Google Docs Outside Your Organization: When I’m in the sharing settings in the document there is NO option to share out of organization. I disabled the option “Users can share documents outside this domain” several time ago and now, I reactivated it in order to share documents with users outside my domain. When I want to share any document with people outside the domain I am not able to get the option to do that. When viewing document share options, I can’t see the toolbar where I am asked to allow people outside the domain to view or edit the document. When I try to get a public link to the document, I only have the option to get it for people inside the domain. Control panel options are set properly but no change is performed in Google Docs. I have another google apps domain account where I’m able to do that. In that account I’ve never disabled the share with people outside the domain. I suspect the problem comes when you disable public sharing for the very first time and then you want to reactivate it again. I don’t have the option ‘Users can publish documents to the public internet’ available. I have multiple Google Domains, to … Continue reading

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If This Then That and your Privacy

Here is a little chart showing “If This Then That” and your facebook privacy. Guess it needs a lot of items to work, but wow.

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Three Extensions to Protect Privacy against Google

1) Google Analytics Opt-Out Keep Google From Tracking You Online; This extension works in all browsers: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout 2) Remove Google Redirects If you’ve ever looked at the URL’s that Google actually populates into the href values of its search results, you’ll see that each one of them redirects through google, so they can see exactly what you’re clicking on. Get rid of that nonsense with this script. You can install it directly with Google Chrome – for Firefox you’ll need to install Greasemonkey. http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/69054 3) Tracking Token Stripper FeedBurner and similar links often include Google Analytics tracking tokens in the URL’s query string. These start with the prefix “utm_” (Urchin Tracking Monitor). They are used by the target site to report back statistics regarding the origin of the inbound link. This extension removes those tokens from the URL once the destination site has been visited, resulting in a cleaner URL that’s more suitable for copying into an email, an instant message, etc. https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/kcpnkledgcbobhkgimpbmejgockkplob

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