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Quicksilver: Fix Crashing on Launch

I love quicksilver. But it is hard to start. That is to say, that when I try and start it, I usually have to click the icon or launch it several times before it starts running. I can look in the error logs and see that “Thread 6” is usually what is crashing. I am using the latest version B58 (3841) but this still happens. So, to solve this, I wrote a little application that will try and launch Quicksilver a bunch of times until it actually starts. It will only try and launch quicksilver if it is not already running. The core of the application is a shell script, which I have included the code for below. You can also download it as an application: qs.app I stick this in my Applications folder and then use spotlight to launch it whenever Quicksilver crashes or is not running. I also run this script on startup so that quicksilver is always running when my computer starts up. Hopefully it will serve you well. BTW – I probably could have done a “for” loop in the code below, but it was just easier to copy and paste. Feel free to submit your more concise version in the comments below. #!/bin/sh ps -u $USER | grep [Q]uicksilver\.app >/dev/null || echo `echo opening; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app` sleep .3 ps -u $USER | grep [Q]uicksilver\.app >/dev/null || echo `echo opening; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app; open /Applications/Quicksilver.app` sleep .3 ps -u $USER | … Continue reading

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