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USIEC Scam – Fake Award

There is currently a scam going on by a company calling themselves the “US Institute for Excellence in Commerce” in which they email companies such as Marketing Firms and Law Offices and tell them they’ve won an award – and they have the award and press kit and other items available – but these must be “purchased” which is where the scam comes into place – this company is selling fictitious awards. They send a message saying something like: Each year, the US Institute for Excellence in Commerce (USIEC) panel identifies firms that have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields and achieved commercial recognition. Your firm has been one of those selected this year and this award exemplifies that distinguished accomplishment. Here are some examples of the awards they have on their site: Here is a link to one of the “awards” If you have any thoughts about if they are real, check the creation date for their domain name, registered only a few days before January 2014: whois usiec.org Domain Name:USIEC.ORG Domain ID: D170536983-LROR Creation Date: 2013-12-28T22:42:31Z Updated Date: 2014-02-27T03:46:26Z Were you affected by this too? Leave a comment below.

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Spam: College Collaborative Networks

I got the following spam message below for the “College Collaborative Networks” which looks like a really shady scam and attempt at targeting people who sign up with junk mail. The domain referenced in the e-mail is ccnets.org but the one that loads in the browser is actually weavespace.com. The unsubscribe e-mail address, which I would not recommend e-mailing, is of the domain wikinets.org. I would recommend marking this unsolicited e-mail as spam and deleting it. Leave note below if you received a similar e-mail. Dear University Users, The College Collaborative Networks at http://www.ccnets.org is now open for sign up While a social network is for sharing of personal news and events, a college collaborative network is for sharing of resources (including data, knowledge and tools) among its members (faculty, staff, students and alumni). In the simplest case members can collaborate to create a comprehensive repository of resources. As specific needs arise further collaborations among individual members can spin off more collaborative networks. With a free membership you are entitled to share, and contribute, resources in the network, and connect to other networks including various knowledge collaborative networks across campuses. You are also entitled to create your own collaborative networks of any kind so others can join. We look forward to your participation! Sincerely, Jeff Kitson [email protected] College Collaborative Networks We apologize if you recevive multiple copies of this message; to unscubscribe please mailto:[email protected]

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Meeting Tomorrow – thebluebook.com (scam)

I recently received the following message from thebluebook.com after repeatedly requesting to be removed from their mailing list which I had repeatedly received unsolicited spam e-mails. They are targeting small business owners, asking the business owners to pay them to join their network to have the potential of receiving work from “industry buyers” Message: I’ll be in your area tomorrow Wednesday June, 13th. Can we get together for 20 minutes? I need qualified commercial sub-contractors in my network to service our industry buyers and I’d like to find out what you do and who you work for. Thanks! Wayne Hall Account Manager The Blue Book Building and Construction Network [email protected] cell: (336) 991-7610 http://www.thebluebook.com I strongly advise you to avoid thebluebook.com at all costs.

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Rejuvaskin 888-377-2226 Scam

I recently had a odd charge show up on my credit card statement: Rejuvaskin 888-377-2226 I don’t know what this is from but the phone number points to this company in St. Joseph, Missouri: Package Deal 2400 Frederick Ave. Suite 312 Saint Joseph, MO 64506 Phone: 888-377-2226 Fax: 816-676-0600 Email: [email protected] Web site URL: http://www.asisupplier.com/ I looked up the WHOIS information on that website (which does not load in my browser) and found: Advertising Specialty Institute Inc. 4800 Street Road Trevose, Pennsylvania 19053 United States I researched Rejuvaskin but apparently this charge has nothing to do with Rejuvaskin or other companies that sell it (I called the Rejuvaskin company), then after calling my credit card company they confirm that the phone number is correct for the merchant who charged my card. I have been trying to get in contact with Advertising Specialty Institute Inc. but their phone number just gives me a recorded message and then hangs up. I’m going to try and file with the BBB next. I do remember signing up for a free trial but I never authorized my credit card to be billed and now it has been billed three times for $79.99. I don’t have $79.99 to throw away and I have been billed three times on March 7, March 31, and now on May 1. Maybe this is not a scam but I am going to assume it is until I can get in contact with Package Deal / Advertising Specialty. Please leave a … Continue reading

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BrItTaNy McCuRdY wants to be your friend on Windows Live

Got a SPAM email message this morning: BrItTaNy McCuRdY wants to be your friend on Windows Live Leave a comment if you’ve received it too?

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Yesterday I received an e-mail inviting me to join THRYLL.COM promising “THRYLL.COM is a Members-Only community offering top apparel and gear from the most Extreme Action Sports brands at up to 70% off” and was a little worried. It reminded me a lot of getting an e-mail from an unknown company called ShoppyBag where someone had tagged a photo of me and which required me to log in before seeing the photo, after which you entered your contact or email information and all of your friends were invited in the same way, and never actually being able to log in. So this is what I thought Thryll.com was at first glance. I created this blog entry to talk about the laundry list of things that Thryll.com was doing wrong which made me think they were sketchy. So, below is the list of reasons that I had marked them off as a scam, however, the company does look to be actively engaged in remedying these problems (see their comments below – they e-mailed me with much of the same info) and I have to give them credit for trying to fix these things, even though they are not all fixed yet, they are working on it. So I have not logged in and ordered anything from them, but I encourage people who have to post comments below talking about their experience. So, here is the list of problems with Thryll.com that I found on 10-18-2011: (fixed) Absolutely no information or contact … Continue reading

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You may get an email from ELIXIO – like the one below. Don’t reply to the e-mail. Just mark it as SPAM. Leave a comment below if you, too, are a target of this unsolicited e-mail. ELIXIO is a scam, and here are the reasons you should not trust Elixio: The host that “elixio.net” is on is a $10/month shared web host. Can’t be that big a social network. Elixio does not use SSL for signups / sign in Their e-mails do not use a certified mailer such a constant contact or vertical response. They don’t have a trusted opt-out link. If you do sign up they only allow an alphanumeric password – no symbols? This is poor programming and a lack concern of security. You have been invited to apply for ELIXIO membership. ELIXIO is a private, exclusive and invitation-only online community, social events and information exchange network. ELIXIO members are influential leaders in the financial, fashion and luxury industries as well as academic and social leaders. To join, please enter your invitation code using the link below. BELOW IS YOUR INVITATION CODE WE HAVE SENT IN OUR PREVIOUS EMAIL: invitation code: 1yduebe To complete your membership application please follow the link below to our membership application form. http://www.elixio.net/signup.php Sincerely, ELIXIO Membership Team NYC/Miami/Boston/Los Angeles/London/Paris/Milan/Dubai If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please reply to this message with “Unsubscribe” in the subject line. ELIXIO Screenshots If you do sign up for ELIXIO you’ll experience the following screens. … Continue reading

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Wayne Johnson Scam / 206-337-3198

It seems Wayne Johnson (and now Thomas Lambert) are sending scam messages. Message Example 1: Good day, we require to know if you can supply some cabinetry for us.We’ll like to know the types and dimensions of cabinetry that you do have in your outfit so that we can make a choice,and also advise if you accept credit card as a form of payment,wish you all the best in business and we’ll be looking forward on hearing from you soon. best regards Wayne Johnson Message Example 2 Reported here via Laura Thomas. Laura says: I have gotten quite a few emails from this person. The phone numbers are bogus, and I am pretty sure that he has been wasting my time for a week trying to get some kind of information from me. From: wayne johnson [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Friday, July 22, 2011 4:59 PM To: ALM Fine Cabinetry Subject: Re: product info Sounds good.I will like you to use the details below and prepare a formal quote for us so that we can proceed further : New Mission Foundation Center (newly established) 1006 Meadowlane Dr. Sturgis,MI,49091 P : 248-562-8725 F : 206-337-3198 Wayne Johnson 620 S Amos Ave Springfield, IL 62704 P : 626-692-8364 We’re working on a commercial project,these units are going to be shipped to one of our newly established project branch located in Singapore and we’ll be recommending you with a freight company to come and pick the units at your location.What lead time are we looking … Continue reading

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Scam: Trademarkdns / HongKong NewName

Recently received this e-mail from HongKong NewName. Looks like they have a long history of trying to scam people. I would not reply to the e-mail. The bad english in the last line makes me think they would try and use the reply e-mail as a domain transfer authorization. Did you get a similar e-mail? Leave a note in the comments below. ———- Forwarded message ———- From: services Date: Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 5:17 AM Subject: (yourDomainNameHere) Dear Manager We are HongKong NewName Net Service Limited, an Service organization of Internet in China. On April 27, 2011, we received an application from Shanghai XingBang Electronics Co., Ltd. requested (yourDomainNameHere) as their internet brand and China (CN) domain names. But after checking it, we find this name conflict with your company name or trademark. In order to deal with this matter better, it’s necessary to send email to you and confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in United States? Or is your company is authorized Bangni Distributors, Inc. to register these domain names? Kind Regards, Emma Lan Customer Service Manager HongKong NewName Net Service Limited 4A, Units 19/F, Far East Consortium Bldg., 121 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong Tel: 00852-8193 0858 | Fax: 00852-8193 2728 [email protected] | www.trademarkdns.com

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Shtyle.fm: Another Scam

Like Shoppybag.com, Shtyle.fm is a website set up as a viral advertising scam. The website will let you “set up an account” after receiving an invitation, and then request credentials to your e-mail account – which it then uses to send out a message to all of your contacts. What should I do? If you receive a message from Shtyle.fm, ignore it or delete it. If you have already “created an account” with them, don’t go back. Change the password to your e-mail account(s) and mark messages from them as spam, or just delete them.

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