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Applescript: Check Application Is Running

Below is my Applescript example of how to check if an application is running, such as Finder.app, VLC.app, itunes.app, or something along those lines. Quite often I need to check if an application is running as part of my applescript, and so I use this little function / subroutine in applescript to test if the application is running: on appIsRunning(appName) tell application “System Events” to (name of processes) contains appName end appIsRunning Example usage: display dialog appIsRunning(“Finder”) The above apple script example will show “true” in a popup dialog.

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Add Shell Script To Dock

Want to add a shell script to Dock? If you don’t need a Terminal window, you can make any executable file an Application just by moving example.sh to example.sh.app/Contents/MacOS/example.sh. You can place the Application in your dock like any other, and execute it with a click.

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