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Uncaught exception ‘CFCredentials_Exception’ with message ‘No credentials were provided. [solved]

If you’re using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK (Software Developer Kit) version 1.5 “Allegro” for PHP you may have noticed an error like: Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘CFCredentials_Exception’ with message ‘No credentials were provided. The SDK attempts to retrieve Instance Profile credentials from the EC2 Instance Metadata Service, but doing this requires the “default_cache_config” option to be set in the config.inc.php file or constructor. In order to cache the retrieved credentials.’ in #0 amazon-php-sdk/sdk- Stack trace: amazon-php-sdk/sdk- CFRuntime->__construct(Array) #1 amazon-php-sdk/sdk- AmazonEC2->__construct() #2 {main} thrown in amazon-php-sdk/sdk- on line 439 My solution was fairly simple – the PHP SDK download has a config-sample.inc.php file that you can copy to config.inc.php and then add your AWS key and secret key. After doing that you should be good to go.

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