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Google and Preferred domain (www or non-www)

clipped from www.google.com Preferred domain (www or non-www) The preferred domain is the one that you would liked used to index your site’s pages (sometimes this is referred to as the canonical domain). Links may point to your site using both the www and non-www versions of the URL (for instance, http://www.example.com and http://example.com). The preferred domain is the version that you want used for your site in the search results. To specify your preferred domain: On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click the site you want. Under Site configuration, click Settings. In the Preferred domain section, select the option you want. Note: Once you’ve set your preferred domain, you may want to use a 301 redirect to redirect traffic from your non-preferred domain, so that other search engines and visitors know which version you prefer.

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Link Farming – thoughts

So it’s sort of cool that twitter is not adding rel=”nofollow” to the links that you put in your tweets. And since everyone has a public page on twitter, those links get followed by google (and others). The bad part is that you can’t specify the text for the link (at least, not that I know of), but the good part is that you can add links to things you want to go up in search rankings ;) However – with only 140 characters, many people are using url abbreviation services (tinyURL), which redirect to pages. And SEO conultants, at least, say that the tinyURL service is returning a 301 (permanently moved) header. I guess google will follow that, too, but it’s not quite as direct. I’m not sure what the other services return. This would be cool to check up on.

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